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2nd Annual Global Forum on Sustainability and Social Performance for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries

Berlin, Germany 2014

2nd Annual Global Forum on Sustainability and Social Performance for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries serves as a platform for CSR and Sustainability professionals to share experience in handling various Sustainable Development challenges. Discussions will focus on critical issues of pre-project impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, local communities and human rights management, specifics of CSR reporting, challenges in assessing Social Performance value and communication of CSR strategies to internal & external stakeholder groups. Forum will bring together Key Experts from O&G and Mining companies, government agencies, NGOs and academics to ensure practical business-friendly networking and valuable knowledge exchange.

Speakers list include experts from:

  • Technip
  • Addax Petroleum Ltd.
  • Fluor Corporation
  • Centrica
  • Bettercoal
  • Egyptian Refining Company (A Qalaa Holdings Co.)
  • Mol Group
  • International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
  • The Danish Institute for Human Rights
  • Middlesex University Business School
  • Senergy Global Consulting Ltd.
  • Environ UK Ltd.

Key Topics: 

  • Project Impact Assessment at planning and execution stages
  • Risks and challenges of Local Communities Engagement 
  • Human Rights management
  • CSR and Government relations
  • Practical approach to Stakeholder Engagement
  • Experience in CSR Reporting and building internal reporting procedures
  • Measuring the Value of Social Performance
  • Effective communication of CSR Strategies
  • CSR opportunities during construction phase 

Target Audience:

Primary Job-Titles:

SVPs, VPs, Directors, Advisors, Heads, Mangers of:

  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Sustainability, Social Performance
  • CSR and /or Corporate Responsibility
  • Sustainable Development (SD)
  • Sustainable development performance
  • Sustainability planning
  • Sustainability programs
  • CSR reporting
  • CSR communication
  • Societal issues/relations
  • Community Engagement/relations
  • Government affairs / communication / relations
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Sustainability planning

Secondary Job-Titles:

  • HSSEQs (Health, safety, security, environment, quality)
  • Heads of Corporate/Public Affairs,
  • Corporate Communication / External Communication
  • Compliance
  • Government affairs / communication / relations
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Group Corporate Citizenship Officers


  • Oil & Gas operators (E&P activities)
  • Mining Operators
  • Oil and Gas Contractors
  • Mining Contractors
  • NGOs (None Governmental Organizations)
  • Environmental / SD Associations
  • Sustainability / CSR Consultancies
  • Assessment / assurance service providers
  • Software service providers

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