Global Forum on Subsea Exploration and Production Technologies for the Oil & Gas Industry

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2013

How companies are using their knowledge and experience to solve the energy needs of the future & improve recovery of existing fields accessing new reserves?

This event will review best practices in specific deepwater project planning and its equipment, people selection and competency, technology that aims to deliver insights to reduce ultra-deepwater risks and costs and to optimize project economics by reducing development costs. This Forum is gathering leading industry players to examine and resolve issues related to the natural decline of oil and gas fields using subsea factories, and unlock access to reserves that existing technologies are as of yet unable to tap and review environmental challenges at subsea operations.

Who should attend?

Primary Job Titles:

  • Technical VPs
  • Directors of Technology development.
  • Subsea/deepwater technology Directors
  • Chiefs Technical Authority
  • Directors of Field Development Subsea Tie backs
  • Superintendents
  • Project Director Subsea
  • Technical Authority: Subsea Systems
  • Deepwater Operations Directors/Managers
  • Subsea Project Engineer Directors /Managers
  • Subsea Operations Technology Officer
  • Drill Managers/Dual Gradient Drilling Managers
  • Deepwater reservoirs Managers
  • R&D Subsea Technology Directors/Managers
  • Subsea Communication Technology Directors/Managers

Secondary Job Titles:

  • Heads/Managers of field development
  • Field optimisation Managers
  • Flow Assurance Managers
  • Subsea Production Managers
  • Subsea Technical Managers
  • Subsea Project Engineer Directors /Managers
  • Subsea IRM Manager
  • Subsea Processing Manager
  • Subsea Systems Managers
  • Subsea Trees Managers

Solution Provides:

Heads /Managers of Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Market Development Managers
Business development executives from technical service providers

Key Topics:

  • Optimize project economics by reducing development costs & improving recovery factors on resources
  • Prepare to resolve issues related to the natural decline of oil and gas field resources
  • How to cope with Long-distance subsea oil field tie- backs
  • Qualification and project integration into an existing and complex field infrastructure
  • Subsea Processing Technology to secure flow assurance and reduce risk of hydrates
  • Environmental Challenges at Subsea Operations

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