Aral AG & Siemens to Install 100 Ultra-Fast Chargers in 30 Petrol Pumps Across Germany

UFCs will have a charging capacity of up to 350kW, providing electric vehicles with enough charge for up to 350 kilometres in over 10 minutes

An Aral AG charging station. Credit: Aral AG website

Aral AG has collaborated with Siemens Smart Infrastructure to install 100 intelligent substations at 30 petrol pumps owned by bp Energy in Germany. Siemens Smart Infrastructure expects to complete all installations by the end of February this year. Patrick Wendeler, Member of the Managing Board of Aral AG, said: “By equipping our gas stations with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, we are taking a major step forward in creating the gas station of the future. To make charging as fast as putting fuel in your car, we have opted for ultra-fast charging stations with a power of up to 350 kW.”

Aral seems to have taken the petrol filling comparison seriously. The self-operated chargers will have the capacity to charge an electric vehicle with enough power for a range of up to 350 kilometres in just over 10 minutes. Otherwise known as ultra-fast chargers (UFCs), the petrol pumps will largely be located by highways, trunk roads and cities. Each substation will offer two chargers with two charging points, allowing up to four electric vehicles to charge at a time. Wendeler explained: “With our five pilot stations, we were able to gain valuable experience over the past year which is now being incorporated into our future planning. We plan to integrate the chargers into the heart of our retail sites, while improving directions on site and providing a roof for electric vehicle charging where possible.”

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the chosen petrol pumps is connected to the public power grid via the intelligent substation. Aral AG can continuously monitor each substation by communicating with it using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Stephan May, CEO of Distribution Systems at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, said: “This intelligent substation not only allows Aral to introduce ultra-fast charging technology, but also ensures highest reliability and better grid utilization within the existing infrastructure.”

This project is in line with bp’s overall plan to increase the number of charging stations across Germany. The company has targeted an increase of 7,000 charging points last year to 70,000 in 2030.

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