Austrian Post Signs up with Mobility House to Optimise 2,000 Charging Points, Installs 2,400 New Charging Points

The Mobility House won the contract to manage Austrian Post’s charging points; will deploy its ChargePilot system to optimise charging of all electric vehicles run by the postal service

Austria has taken steps to support electrification of its national postal service fleet by installing over 2,400 charging points in 130 sites across the country. Electric vehicle infrastructure manufacturer The Mobility House won the contract to manage over 2,000 charging points currently being maintained by the Austrian Post. The Mobility House will be responsible for ensuring all vehicles are charged in the morning in a manner that optimises phase-accurate charging power of all charging points. To achieve this, The Mobility House has developed a system called ChargePilot which will make sure all electric vehicles are charged in sequence or are prioritised according to the requirements of the Austrian Post at certain sites. The Mobility House has claimed that this approach will help Austrian Post avoid any grid expansion which is usually quite expensive.

Austrian Post’s EV fleet

Austrian Post’s EV fleet, Credit: The Mobility House Website

The Mobility House has stated that ChargePilot is hardware-agnostic, allowing it to optimise charging points and electric vehicles of all brands and capacities. There are some Austrian Post locations where ChargePilot will control charging parks with up to 70 different varieties of charging points. Sebastian Karrer, Head of Key Account at The Mobility House, said: “An open interface architecture is thus a vital foundation for meeting the numerous requirements and making a flexible expansion possible.” This feature is also critical because Austrian Post serves almost 80% of its delivery constituencies with electric vehicles. Austrian Post first started electrification of its fleet in 2011. Paul Janacek, Head of Corporate Fleet at Österreichische Post AG, said: “Since [2011], battery power has proven to be optimal for us. ChargePilot is the technically up-to-date and scalable load management system we had been looking for.”

The Mobility House has deployed ChargePilot for several leading postal and logistics service providers in Europe so far. Austrian Post, in particular has been making significant strides in its mission to decarbonise its operations by the end of this decade. It has been testing fuel-cell vehicles which will run on green hydrogen and hopes to begin deployment by 2023.

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