Eneco enters into a contract for compressed air energy storage

Eneco enters into a contract for compressed air energy storage


Image Courtesy: Eneco/Corre Energy

Eneco, a Dutch energy company, has signed a contract with Corre Energy for the entire capacity of its proposed compressed air storage (CAES) project near Groningen.

The proposed facility in Zuidwending, about 35 kilometers southeast of Groningen, will use salt caverns for compressed air storage, with a total compression capacity of 220MW and a production capacity of 320MW.

Eneco can contribute to the grid’s balance in this way, thanks to its flexibility. During excess sustainable production, electricity can be stored in compressed air with a capacity of up to 220MW.

When there is a power outage on the grid, the installation will use compressed air to generate electricity, with a 320MW capacity capable of supplying the grid for up to 3.5 days.

“Through the collaboration with Corre Energy, Eneco is taking another big step towards the future sustainable energy system through the flexible capacity that their installation can offer,” says Kees-Jan Rameau, the company’s chief strategic growth officer.

“The storage capacity also contributes to solving congestion problems and thus paves the way for even more sustainable energy for our customers. As a result, it is an important step toward our One Planet Plan goal of becoming climate neutral by 2035 in collaboration with our customers.”

Corre Energy, based in Groningen, specializes in compressed air energy storage, a type of long-term storage. The company’s initial projects are in the northeast Netherlands and Northern Jutland, Denmark, with plans to expand into Germany.

In 2023, exploratory drilling will be conducted at the Zuidwending location to confirm its suitability for compressed air storage.

If approved, the salt caverns and associated above-ground infrastructure, including buildings, should be ready by the end of 2026.

Corre Energy works on contracts with suppliers, financing, permitting, and network tariff agreements to complete the project.

Source: Smart Energy International

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