Enegix to Build World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Plant in Brazil

‘Base One’ will be built in Ceará region at a cost of $5.4 billion; expected capacity is 600 million kilograms of green hydrogen every year


Enegix CEO Wesley Cooke signing the ‘Base One’ MoU, Credit: Enegix website

Enegix, a hydrogen-powered electricity producer based in Australia has signed an MoU with the Brazilian government in the province of Ceará to set up the world’s largest hydrogen plant. Under the terms of the agreement, the plant will be constructed to generate 600 million kilograms of green hydrogen every year using 3.4GW of wind and solar power plants already operational at the site. The project has been named Base One and is expected to be operational by 2025. By then, Base One is expected to boost the capacity of surrounding wind and solar power plants to 100GW.

A leading engineering firm has been signed on to do a feasibility study. Enegix has also applied for obtaining necessary environmental and civil licenses. Enegix is actively seeking partnerships from investors and has commenced an open capital round to secure the $5.4 billion needed for the project. During its construction, Enegix is confident of generating thousands of jobs for the local community. The entire facility will be designed to operate on renewable energy, generating zero emissions. Base One could reduce carbon emissions by 10 million tonnes every year, becoming the biggest carbon emission reduction project in the world.

The state of Ceará is located strategically since it provides Enegix with access to major international markets via maritime trade. For the electrolysis process, water will be sourced from the Port of Pecém, a deep-sea port with access to large quantities of water and required  infrastructural support. Wesley Cooke, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Enegix, said: “Our partnership with the Ceará State Government is a major milestone for the company. Base One will turn Ceará into a major hydrogen export location and establish Enegix as a global renewable power producer aligning with our vision and strategy to replace expensive, high emission power grids with renewable, baseload, and cost-effective zero-carbon grids. Through this partnership, we plan to create a new model of sustainable energy for the world’s fast-growing population while reducing dependency and cutting end-user costs on high carbon-emitting fuel sources like diesel.”

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