Enel X Way and VW collaborate to build a high-power EV charging network in Italy

Enel X Way and VW collaborate to build a high-power EV charging network in Italy

Ewiva is a joint venture between Enel X Way and Volkswagen to build a network of 3,000 EV charging stations across Italy. When completed, the network will have 350kW charging points and be powered entirely by renewable energies.

Ewiva has also opened the first premium charging station in Rome, with 14 ultra-fast charging points powered by a PV solar roof. A further 750 charging points are installed in over 230 locations, with some already operational.

Ewiva anticipates charging points in 500 locations by the end of 2023 to reach 3,000 by 2025. Ewiva will operate over 800 sites in city centers, suburban areas, and major roads used by commuters and tourists.

According to Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Enel X Way, Enel Group’s new mobility company, the joint venture has taken an open approach to making the network available to all mobility service providers and drivers of any electric vehicle from any manufacturer.

“This joint venture marks a new milestone in Enel X Way and Enel Group’s ongoing push to spread electric mobility throughout Italy by accelerating the development of a cutting-edge high-power charging network that will help make electric vehicles the first choice for drivers,” she said.

Enel X Way operates approximately 17,000 charging points in Italy and nearly 430,000 across its 16 markets.

The Volkswagen Group’s New Auto strategy prioritizes charging and energy as a core business, with investments planned with partners in around 45,000 high-power charging points in Europe, China, and the United States by 2025.

Source: Enel

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