10th Electricity Price Forecasting & Advanced Modelling 2022

10th Electricity Price Forecasting & Advanced Modelling brings together experts and decision-makers responsible for electricity trading and market modelling. The forum will discuss optimizing accuracy in short-term, mid to long-term price forecasting scenarios and further development of the market arrangements in Europe. The 10th edition of the conference will focus on advanced technologies and their implementation in electricity price forecasting, modelling and market analysis.

Most prominent European energy industry leaders will gather at 10th Electricity Price Forecasting & Advanced Modelling to discuss the main trends, exchange their opinions and build business relationships through well-organized networking. We welcome experts in Advanced Modelling, Power Trading and Market Risk Analysis with the aim to tackle and brainstorm on challenges they face and learn the best practices from peers.

  • Long-term and current developments in European power markets
  • What drove the latest coal price rally?
  • Electricity demand forecasting techniques & developments
  • PPAs price in the volatile power market
  • The ongoing electricity price surge in Europe
  • Advanced forecasting developments in the energy market
Senior Economist Energinet, Denmark
Grzegorz Wilinski, PGE
Director of Economic Analysis, PGE, Poland
Head of Market Analysis, Structuring & Pricing, Edison, Italy
Senior Coal Market Analyst, Alpiq, Switzerland
Director of Business Analysis, Landsvirkjun, Iceland
Managing Director, E-Bridge Consulting, The Netherlands
Peny Panagiotakopoulou, National Grid
Manager, Market Modelling & Analysis, National Grid, UK
Paul Edge, EDP
Blockchain Lead, EDP, Portugal
Expert Research Engineer, EDF R&D, France
Mark Jones, RWE
UK Market Analysis Manager, RWE Supply & Trading, UK
Silvia Messa, Volue
Senior Analyst Energy, VOLUE, Germany
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