2nd Annual Global Forum on Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management

2nd Annual Global Forum on Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management is bringing together technical and strategic leaders from major O&G pipeline operating and service companies to exchange the latest technologies & best practices. This year the focus is on critical issues such as dealing with internal and external corrosion, methods of inspection available, especially for unpiggable pipelines, prevention of mechanical damage, detection of leak/failure and maintenance of asset integrity. The event will serve the attendees to gain competitive advantage from a shared proven know-how of experts through exchange of ideas in a business-friendly networking environment.

  • ADCO
  • Dolphin Energy
  • Eustream
  • INA
  • Kayserigaz
  • Ontras
  • KTN
  • Vattenfall
  • CNV GL
  • Gasunie
  • Marcogaz
  • Udates on Certifications of Asset Integrity Management system
  • Monitoring pipelines through smart sensor technology
  • Uncovering need for Risk based inspection (RBI)
  • Inspection of Non-piggable pipelines
  • Maintenance and inspection of deep/ultra-deep water pipeliness
  • Challenges of inspecting very thin diametr pipelines
  • Interpretation of social & environmental responsibility
  • Advanced Pipeline leak detection systems
  • Black powder removal
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Ensuring services/products supplied meets quality standards by suppliers
  • Controlling third party demages
  • Oil & Gas Operators
  • Pipeline Owners/Operators
  • Gas Transmission Systems Operators (TSOs)
  • Terminal Operators
  • Refineries
  • Engineering, Design and Construction consultancies
  • Corrosion Consultancies
  • Vendors and Software provider firms
  • Safety and Risk Management Service providers

MDs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Chiefs & Experts of:

  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Pipeline Engineering
  • Corrosion Divisions
  • Operations Divisions
  • Structural Engineering Department
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Integrity
  • Technical Advisor/Technical Division/Pipeline/Technical Authority
  • Engineering
  • Pipeline Risk
  • Transmission Operation Division
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) Division
  • Diagnostic Divisions
  • Network Divisions
  • Pipeline Data Management
  • Process Automation
  • Operations
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