2nd Mergers & Acquisitions in Energy 2021

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While countries across the globe are focusing on bending the COVID-19 pandemic curve, there is an equally pressing global warming curve that needs to bend soon. COVID-19 has unboxed an opportunity to envision and achieve a ‘Net-Zero Future’. The rapidly declining renewable energy costs have the potential to accelerate the realisation of the energy transition to carbon neutrality. Policymakers, businesses, and investors across the world have put decarbonisation on top of their strategic agenda.

Merger and Acquisition activities in the energy sector continued to trend upwards and the sector has turned to Mergers & Acquisitions. The consolidation of the companies, that, faced with bankruptcy, joined together to stay solvent. This will reshape the industry landscape for years to come, especially when the companies are investing in the transition away from fossil fuel generation to clean energy.

This virtual conference will gather experts and decision-makers responsible for M&A, Legal, Strategy, Corporate Development, Due Diligence, Investments, Project Management – M&A from energy contractor and operator companies to discuss the emerging opportunities and challenges, learnings from past moves that worked as well as those that didn’t.

  • The resilience of M&A in the energy sector. How are mergers and acquisitions Changing the face of the energy sector?
  • The state of M&A during COVID-19 in the energy sector
  • The state of policies, regulation, standards, and role of government for M&A
  • Efforts to navigate through post-pandemic and recession demands
  • Market dynamics, opportunities, and challenges that are shaping the energy transition
  • Factors to ensure the success of M&A and deal with failures
  • The importance of effective M&A disputes resolutions
  • Opportunities and risks for investors
  • Build vs buy– which growth strategies are winning in the current market?
  • The shifting trend of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) in post covid world
  • The M&A between the Giants and SMEs in the energy sector
  • The risks and rewards of cross-border M&A
  • The role of M&A in reshaping Integrated E&P’s from Big Oil to Big Energy in an accelerating Energy Transition
  • Green M&A
Richard Baker, Shell
M&A Advisor, Shell, UK
Group Head of M&A, Engie, France
Abhishek Jain, Schneider Electric
Director - M&A, Schneider Electric, USA
Head - Investments & Strategy, Fortum, India
Emilio Zito, EDF
Head of Mergers & Acquisitions and Head of Investors & Markets, EDF, France
Daniel Zillich, MVV Energie
Corporate M&A, MVV Energie AG, Germany
Federico García Vivancos, Enel X
M&A and Corporate Development, Enel X, Spain
endesa logo
Head of M&A - Enel X Iberia, Endesa X, Spain

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  • Days
  • Start Date
    December 2, 2021 13:00
  • End Date
    December 3, 2021 17:00
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