2nd Big-Data & Advanced Analytics in Power & Utilities

Artificial intelligence is changing the way that many industries operate and has huge potential to transform the utilities industry. Utilities are turning to big data capabilities to help them improve asset maintenance, integrate DERs, improve demand response, and increase online customer facing applications.

The 2nd virtual Big-Data & Advanced Analytics for Power & Utilities Conference, offers content for decision-makers and experts of technology strategy, analytics, data-science, and innovation from leading Energy companies. Learn how Data and analytics leaders can leverage AI to anticipate, shift and accelerate transformation in the face of disruption, uncertainty, and opportunity.

  • Data Journey at Netze BW, a distribution grid operator in the heart of Europe
  • Becoming a data-driven organisation
  • The Future of Data Management: DataHub
  • The value of data for grid control operators
  • Key challenges to transform the heterogeneous large dataset into valuable outcomes
  • Developing real-time business data through data analytics
  • Forecasting LV operating conditions and future decisions with data analytics
  • Enhancing CX management with AI & ML
  • Impact of big data analytics on power system planning and operational decision framework
Mikko Muurinen Head of Data & AI, Helen, FinlandData & AI, Helen, Finland
Head of Data & AI, Helen, Finland
Tuomas Soikkeli
Data Analytics Expert, Fingrid Oyj, Finland
Ashley Gómez Porta, Endesa
Big Data & Advanced Analytics Expert, Endesa, Spain
Alex Mahon, UK Power networks
Head of Analytics, UK Power Networks, UK
Head of Data Analytics, Netze BW, Germany
Kaustav Basu, Eneco
Lead Data Scientist, Eneco, The Netherlands

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  • Days
  • Start Date
    September 26, 2022 13:00
  • End Date
    September 27, 2022 17:00