2nd Data Hub in Power and Utilities

There is an evolution in the energy industry when it comes to the digital era; big data collection and analysis, digital transformation, and data hub development have become an important tool for utilities to understand their customer’s energy usage patterns, predict and prevent potential power outages, balance and optimize energy supply and demand.

At this conference, we provide a single platform for big data experts and decision-makers in the European Energy Sector to discuss the challenges and solutions of Data Hub in Power & Utilities with data transformation and utilization, cybersecurity, electricity retail market analysis and new technologies development.

We would like to welcome all key market players and top management to join the discussion, and the peer-to-peer network would allow you to share and exchange your thoughts and opinions with an exclusive group of experts.

  • Data collection and utilisation in the energy transition
  • Establishing a modern data hub
  • Swisseldex Datahub for Power Utilities
  • Sustainable living through Data Science
  • Elhub «2.0»: Transition, insourcing and Resilience
  • The Path towards Enel Platformization
  • Data storage solutions and platforms
  • Building a customer Centric Datahub Cloud solution in open Source
  • Future technologies for data-powered utilities: Data Governance
  • Operationalization of Data Centricity
  • Enabling a Data Products-as-a-Service Model With the Domain Data Mesh

Our expert panel at 2nd Data Hub in Power and Utilities:

Energinet is the Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas. Energinet has been working together with CGI since 2013 to establish and operate a datahub that works on the wholesale model and flex-settlement. The data hub safely manages the data of over 3.3 million consumers.

Elering AS is a national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. The Estonian Data Hub system managed by the TSO, Elering grants user access to grid operators, line operators, and open suppliers operating in Estonia. It ensures equal treatment and it encodes market participants, thus giving all parties access to their own consumption data that is remotely readable in one-hour increments.

Enel is Italy’s largest power company and Europe’s second listed utility by installed capacity. It is a leading integrated player in the power and gas markets of Europe and Latin America, operating in 40 countries across 4 continents overseeing power generation from over 98 GW of net installed capacity and distributing electricity and gas through a network spanning around 1.9 million km to serve approximately 61 million customers.

E.ON Next is an electricity and gas supplier and is committed to using renewable energy sources. Germany’s recent DESIGNETZ project with a funding of volume of €66 million will help E.On, Germany’s second largest power supplier and the consortium leader of this project, to test and integrate distributed energy resources and improve overall grid reliability with the help of real-time data.

The RES Group is a global renewable energy company which has been active in the renewable energy industry for over 30 years. Its core business is to develop, construct and operate large-scale, grid-connected renewable energy projects worldwide for commercial, industrial and utility clients.

Eneco is a producer and suppliers of natural gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands, serving more than 2 million business and residential customers.

Elhub is a central IT system that supports and streamlines market processes such as electricity sales, move-in/-out, termination of supply etc. in the Norwegian electricity market, as well as supporting the distribution and aggregation of metering values for all consumption and production in Norway. Statnett’s wholly owned subsidiary, Elhub AS, is responsible for establishing and managing Elhub.

Swisseldex AG (Swiss ELectricity Data EXchange) develops and operates the central data hub for the Swiss electricity industry.

50Hertz Transmission GmbH, formerly named Vattenfall Europe Transmission, is one of four transmission system operators for electricity in Germany.

Axpo is Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power.

Cognite is a global industrial SaaS company that was established with one clear vision: to rapidly empower industrial companies with contextualized, trustworthy, and accessible data to help drive the full-scale digital transformation of asset-heavy industries around the world. Company’s core Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion™, enables industrial data and domain users to collaborate quickly and safely to develop, operationalize, and scale industrial AI solutions and applications to deliver both profitability and sustainability.

Mogens Juul Sass-Petersen , energinet
Product Manager DataHub Service, Energinet, Denmark
Head of Data Competence Center | Global Energy and Commodity Management Digital Hub | Global Digital Solutions, Enel, Italy
Head of System Services Unit, Elering AS, Estonia
Data Science Squad / Team Lead (International Digital Department), Eneco, The Netherlands
Mario Pranjic, Elhub
System Architect / Information Architect, Elhub AS c/o Statnett SF, Norway
Maurus Bachmann, Swisseldex
CEO, Swisseldex AG, Switzerland
Head of Data and Insights, E.ON Next, UK
Panagiotis Tsaknis, RES
Data & Reporting Architect, RES, UK
Tim Kittel, 50 Hertz
Data Project Lead & Data Product Owner, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Germany
Leonhard Lowack, Axpo
Engineer Strategic Asset Management, Axpo, Switzerland
Sandro Renggli, Axpo
Digital Engineer, Axpo, Switzerland
Gabe Prado, Cognite
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Cognite, United States
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