2nd Electrolyser & P2X 2022

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Climate change and environmental deterioration are a threat to our very existence. The green transition is driven by the need to decarbonise the energy production, mobility, and thermal energy markets in the face of rapidly changing climate realities. One of the most important approaches to handle the decarbonisation challenge is to use Power-to-X technology, construct Electrolyser plants and develop Electrolysis technology which aids in the creation of an efficient clean energy system with the goal of lowering CO2 emissions.

P2X strategies, technologies, and the future of P2X projects in Europe will be discussed during the conference, as well as the challenges and solutions of electrolyser plants, operation and optimization, technologies, electrolysis development, and capacity utilisation for hydrogen production to meet the major demands of the future energy industry.

  • Roadmap for policies, actions and regulations
  • European and world markets outlook
  • Hydrogen projects in the turbulence marketspace
  • Realisation of large-scale plants
  • Hydrogen production target
  • Sustainable and technological development
  • Innovative design of electrolyser facilities
  • Development of P2X for Decarbonisation
  • Power-to-X Technology Roadmap to 2050
  • Electrolysis as a core route in P2X System
maribel rodriguez olmo, repsol
Hydrogen Business Development Manager, Repsol, Spain
Stine Grenaa Jensen, energinet
Vice President, Energinet, Denmark
Vice President, Renewable Hydrogen and PtX, Neste, Finland
Business Lead, Renewable hydrogen & P2X, Helen Oy, Finland
Associate Director H2 Strategy and Origination, EDP Renováveis, Portugal
Project Manager and Hydrogen Technologist, Verbund, Austria

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Event Details
  • Days
  • Start Date
    October 11, 2022 13:00
  • End Date
    October 12, 2022 17:00