2nd Hydrogen Storage, Transportation & Distribution

Producing and using green hydrogen is the future, however, when it comes to distribution and how can we manage to have long-distance transportation, there are still numbers of challenge and discussion going on within the industry, for example, the support of current infrastructure, networks development, European Hydrogen Backbone projectetc. This event provides a platform for decision-makers and key parties to exchange the latest knowledge, strategies, and opinions to tackle the challenges and create a greener future.

We would like to welcome all key market players and top management to join the discussion, and the peer-to-peer network within an exclusive group of experts to share their thoughts about green energy production and a zero-emission future.

  • European Hydrogen Backbone
  • Large scale testing of infrastructure for repurposing to hydrogen
  • Global supply and demand of hydrogen
  • Economical and Infrastructural innovations
  • Cost-effective – EU hydrogen infrastructure – Transmission and Storage
  • Southern Company Gas’ approach to hydrogen relative to natural gas infrastructure

Our expert panel at the 2nd Hydrogen Transportation & Distribution 2022:

SNAM is the Italian leader and one of the main operators in Europe in the transportation and storage of natural gas. It holds 3.5% of the storage capacity in the world and operates a transport network of about 41,000 km of gas pipelines. Snam promotes decarbonisation initiatives that aim to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. The company is involved in research and development activities regarding hydrogen. It invests in new technologies such as electrolysers, which enable renewable electricity to be converted into green hydrogen with zero CO2 emissions.

GRTGAZ is a world expert in gas systems and a leader in the high-pressure natural gas transportation sector in Europe. The company aims to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality. GRTgaz invests in the research and development of innovative technological solutions to integrate renewable gas into its network, including hydrogen. The company is currently working with its partners on developing technology for separating natural gas and hydrogen, along with hydrogen leak testing the natural gas network equipment.

STEDIN is a Dutch energy company that is involved in electricity and gas generation and distribution. The company provides a secure, reliable, and affordable energy supply to its over 2.2 million customers. Stedin aims to facilitate the energy transition and switch to clean energy. Therefore, it invested in a project that aims to demonstrate that sustainable gases, such as zero-carbon hydrogen, could help to decarbonize heating homes.

NATIONAL GRID is a utility company operating in the US and UK that delivers electricity and gas. National Grid is one of the world’s largest investor-owned utility companies. National Grid is running several projects exploring the physical capabilities of the existing network of steel pipes in case of transporting high-pressure hydrogen instead of natural gas. It investigates the impact on pipelines and possible modifications that may be required to ensure the safe transport of hydrogen.

CADENT GAS LIMITED is the UK’s largest natural gas distribution network that manages 80,000 miles of pipes, which transport gas to about 11 million end-users. Cadent Gas Limited is oriented to the transition to low-carbon energy. In 2021, it launched a plan setting out a long-term commitment to decarbonising energy which includes the development of net-zero construction sites, delivering the first scaled hydrogen blending facility and construction of hydrogen pipelines.

OPEN GRID EUROPE is a German company that plays a key role in the energy transition sector in Europe. It operates the largest long-distance gas transmission network in Germany, with about 12,000 km of gas pipelines. Open Grid Europe is focused on innovative technologies that are important in the transformation of the energy sector. Therefore, the company takes part in the largescale power-to-gas project called Hybridge, which aims to convert up to 100 megawatts of electrical power into hydrogen.  

GASUNIE is a Dutch company that provides natural gas infrastructure and transportation throughout the Netherlands and Germany. Gasunie owns the largest high-pressure gas pipeline grid in Europe, consisting of over 15,000 kilometres of pipelines. Gasunie intends to accelerate the energy transition. Thus, it is working on a project dedicated to hydrogen infrastructure development. In 2019, Gasunie opened the HyStock green hydrogen plant that converts 1 megawatt of sustainable electricity to green hydrogen, and it aims to achieve large-scale and profitable storage of hydrogen soon.

EVIDA A/S is a Danish company based out of Billund, Denmark. Evida has been a market leader in green energy since 2013 and was founded in 2014 by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs. The company’s primary service offerings include contract gas sales and gas pipeline extension. While pipeline extensions remain their largest source of revenue, the company also expects to see significant growth from energy trading operations over the next two years.

REINERTSEN NEW ENERGY AS (RENE) was established in 2017 by Torkild R. Reinertsen, former owner and CEO of REINERTSEN AS. Reinertsen has worked with Hydrogen and CO2 capture since 2011. It all started with the purchase of the rights to Sintef’s Palladium membrane technology and a comprehensive program to further develop and commercialize the technology, which has been separated into a subsidiary company- HYDROGEN Mem-Tech AS. With more than 10 years of experience in system design related to the production, handling, transport and storage of hydrogen, we are well acquainted with the technology and the suppliers available in the market.

Alejandro Gazzo
Chairman & Market Lead Hydrogen, REINERTSEN New Energy, Norway
Anne-Laure Chassanite , storengy
Managing Director, Storengy, UK
Pedro Palencia, sedigas
Regulation and Policy Chief Officer, Sedigas, Spain
Dina Lanzi Head of Hydrogen Technical Development Snam
Head of Hydrogen Technical Development, Snam, Italy
Geoffroy Anger GRTgaz speaker
Head of Business Development Hydrogen Transmission, GRTgaz, France
Peter Kristensen, evida
Chief Strategy Officer, Evida, Denmark
Albert van der Molen, stedin
Expert innovation, Stedin, The Netherlands
Elbert Huijzer, Alliander
Strategist Grids, Alliander, The Netherlands
torben brabo, gie, energinet
SVP, Energinet Gas TSO & President, Gas Infrastructure Europe, Denmark
Project Director - Hydrogen, National Grid, UK
Helen Boyle Head of Regional Development (North West and West Midlands) Cadent Gas Limited
Head of Regional Development (North West and West Midlands), Cadent Gas Limited, UK
Eddie Lycklama a Nijeholt, Gasunie
Project Director Hydrogen Backbone, Gasunie, Netherlands
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