2nd Hydropower Plant Modernisation & Optimisation

Hydropower is one of the most important sources of energy, thanks to its flexibility and the ability to balance power grids in the current expansion of intermittent renewable resources. The main challenges for hydropower producers in Europe are the upgrades of already existing hydropower plants to make them more efficient, to prolong their lifetime and to reduce operational expenditures. The industry also faces various regulatory and investment barriers of plant modernisation. At the same time, digitalisation plays an increasingly important role in hydropower operations. Bringing these challenges to the discussion, we will demonstrate the best ways of HPP optimization to support overall hydropower development and to achieve safe, flexible and efficient hydropower operations.

2nd Hydropower Plant Modernisation & Optimisation will gather decision-makers from the European hydroelectricity industry, namely hydropower generator companies, plant owners and operators to discuss the latest trends and challenges, and to build business relationships through direct networking and knowledge-sharing. The conference will discuss the latest plant modernization and O&M management practices in the fast-growing environment of technological innovations and digitalization to improve operations, production planning and efficiency of HPP assets.

  • Hydropower & Flexibility Markets
  • Upgrading of Turbines to Improve Effiency & Manufacturing Quality
  • Modernization and Greening Program in ČEZ Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Digitalization & Technological Innovations applied to O&M
  • Usage of Energy Data for Creating Models for Forecasting
  • Aspects of Present & Future – Industry 4.0
  • Hybridization of Hydropower
Matthias Hummer, Uniper
Head of Team Metrology, Uniper, Germany
Head of the Device Care for ČEZ Hydroelectric Power Plants, Czech republic
Danilo Laban fortum
Business Developer, Fortum, Sweden
Head of Electromechanical Maintenance and Risk Analysis at Enel Green Power, Italy
Juliano Da Silva, Itaipu
Manager of the Department of Electronic and Electromechanical Engineering, Itaipu Binacional, Brasil
Erik Hauptvogel Axpo Group
Senior Mechanical Engineer, Statkraft, Norway
Marion Chotard, shem engie
Director of Operations, SHEM (Engie), France
Zlatko Gjurchinoski, ESM
Head of HPP Vrben, ESM Power Plants, North Macedonia
Douglas Vieira, Optimal energy
CEO, Optimal Energy, Brazil
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Event Details
  • Start Date
    November 11, 2021 13:00
  • End Date
    November 12, 2021 17:00