2nd Nuclear Decommissioning

2nd Nuclear Decommissioning: will gather leaders and decision-makers from the nuclear power industry, namely, nuclear power generator companies, nuclear power plant (NPP) owners and operators, contractors and the governmental representatives responsible for decommissioning, waste management and safety regulation, to discuss ongoing challenges, trends and build business relationships through productive networking and knowledge-sharing.  

The companies involved in the decommissioning activities face several challenges such as the inability to control decommissioning costs, timely delivery of the projects, radioactive waste treatment and safety regulation related matters. Moreover, the European nuclear industry is lacking decommissioning experience and valid decommissioning cost estimation strategies. We will bring these challenges to the discussion and show how benchmarking can help improve existing cost estimation strategies, timely delivery of projects, cost control, cost-efficient waste management approaches and safety measures. 

  • Decontaminating the facility to reduce residual radioactivity
  • Strategies & Project management for decommissioning & dismantling of light water reactors
  • The Regulatory Challenges of Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors
  • NPP decommissioning costs drivers
  • IAEA Safety Standards
  • The Regulatory Challenges of Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors
  • Technologies, innovations and R&D for Nuclear decommissioning projects

Our expert panel at 2nd Nuclear Decommissioning conference:

CANADIAN NUCLEAR LABORATORIES develops peaceful and innovative applications of nuclear technology through its expertise in physics, metallurgy, chemistry, biology and engineering. Highly skilled employees enthusiastically deliver a range of nuclear services ranging from research and development, design and engineering to specialized technology, waste management and decommissioning.

ONTARIO POWER GENERATION is the largest clean electricity generator, OPG produces about half of the province’s power using our diverse portfolio of publicly-owned generating assets. The company’s nuclear stations are the clean-power workhorses in our fleet. We rely on them to produce stable base load energy with virtually no air pollution.

SCK CEN is a world leader in nuclear research, services and education. The company is well aware that its activities and facilities, like any human activity, can have an impact on society, the environment, and the well-being of its own employees. The company wishes to display the same excellence that distinguishes activities in their protection. Safety, security, environment, health and quality are the cornerstones of a company’s corporate culture.

EDF is a French multinational electric utility company, one of the largest producers of electricity in the world, that operates a diverse portfolio of at least 120 gigawatts of generation capacity in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Its 56 active nuclear reactors in France are spread out over 18 nuclear power plants. They comprise 32 reactors of 900 MWe, 20 reactors of 1300 MWe, and 4 reactors of 1450 MWe, all of them Pressurized water reactors.

FORTUM is a European energy company with activities in more than 40 countries. The company is providing electricity, gas, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency. The company wants to engage customers and society to join the change for a cleaner world. Together with subsidiary Uniper, Fortum is the third largest producer of CO2-free electricity in Europe.

The Institute for Security and Safety GmbH (ISS) is located near Berlin, in Potsdam. The ISS focuses on research, education, and training in the areas of nuclear security and cyber security. They believe that people are the key to whether or not security is successful. That’s why they put so much emphasis on training, exercises, and exchanging educational experiences. As an institute of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, they offer advanced national and international education concepts with direct links to university programs. They can also offer on-site or off-site security training.

EDP is a Portuguese electric utilities company and the world’s fourth largest producer of wind energy. They invested in Presenso, a leading provider of AI-driven Predictive Maintenance for industrial assets, in 2019.

Environment Agency is the largest and widest-ranging environmental regulator in Europe. They work with businesses and communities to protect and improve the environment as well as people and wildlife. The need for their work is becoming even more important, with conditions worsening both at home and abroad. They protect the environment across England.

Head of Cybersecurity Development, Institute for Security and Safety GmbH (ISS) at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Director - Decommissioning, EDP, Portugal
Jeff Miller - Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Manager, Regulatory Approvals for WR-1 Whiteshell Closure Project, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Canada
Theresa Dekker Ontario Power Generation
Vice President, Nuclear Decommissioning Strategies, Ontario Power Generation, Canada
Vice President Nuclear Sustainability, Ontario Power Generation, Canada
Nuclear Waste Assessor – Nuclear Waste Assessment Team, Nuclear Regulation Group (North), Environment Agency, United Kingdom
Senior Manager, Decommissioning and Waste, Nuclear Services, Fortum, Finland
Deputy Director BD&S, SCK CEN, Belgium
Lead in Radioactive Discharges & Impacts, EDF Energy, UK

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