2nd Offshore Interconnectors

Electricity interconnectors are high-voltage cables that connect the electricity systems of neighbouring countries. They enable excess power, such as that generated from wind and solar farms, to be traded and shared between countries. This ensures renewable energy isn’t wasted and makes for a greener, more efficient power system.  

Interconnections are key elements in the energy transition. They play a vital role in improving the integration of renewable energies and moving forward in decarbonization, so strengthening interconnections is one of the priorities for the next few years in the development of the transmission grid. 

Projects combining interconnections and offshore wind will help reduce the amount of electricity works onshore, meaning that any impact on coastal communities is kept to a minimum. As offshore wind developers are determined to work closely with local communities and to be good neighbours, this is an important consideration for our sector. 

2nd Offshore Interconnectors will gather experts and decision-makers from the renewable energy companies, TSOs, DSOs, namely, from Interconnectors, HVDC, Project Manager, Power Generation, Production, Distribution and Transmission divisions to discuss ongoing challenges, trends and build business relationships through productive networking and knowledge-sharing.  

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Ørsted is a Danish renewable energy company that is involved in the development of several offshore wind farms that are connected to interconnectors, including the Hornsea One wind farm in the UK.

RTE is a French transmission system operator that is involved in the development of several interconnectors, including the IFA2 cable that connects the UK and France.

TenneT is a Dutch-German transmission system operator that operates several offshore interconnectors, including the NorNed cable that connects Norway and the Netherlands, and the COBRAcable that connects the Netherlands and Denmark.

Red Electrica is a Spanish transmission system operator (TSO) that plays a critical role in ensuring the secure and reliable supply of electricity to consumers across Spain. In recent years, Red Electrica has focused on expanding its infrastructure to include offshore interconnectors, which are a vital component of the country’s energy transition.

Aqua Ventus is a company that specializes in offshore wind energy projects and is committed to promoting the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy. One of the key ways Aqua Ventus is contributing to this transition is through the development of offshore interconnectors.

Elia Grid is a Belgian transmission system operator (TSO) that is responsible for ensuring the reliable and secure transmission of electricity throughout Belgium. In recent years, Elia Grid has expanded its focus to include offshore interconnectors, which are a key component of the country’s energy transition.

Amprion is a German transmission system operator (TSO) that is responsible for ensuring the secure and reliable transmission of electricity across Germany. As part of its commitment to the energy transition and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Amprion has focused on the development and implementation of offshore interconnectors.

Otary is a Belgian-based company that specializes in developing offshore wind energy projects in the North Sea. One of the key components of these projects is the implementation of offshore interconnectors, which enable the sharing of renewable energy resources and support the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

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Zviad Gachechiladze - speaker
Director for Organized Markets Development and Electricity Accounting, JSC Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE), Georgia
HVDC & Grid Stabilizing Equipment/Technology Lead Specialist, Orsted, UK
HVDC Project Engineer, Red Eléctrica, Spain
Director, Aqua Ventus, Germany
Expert in Power System Dynamics, Elia Grid International, Belgium
Head of Department - Offshore Grid Concepts, Amprion, Germany
Project Manager, MOHN, Germany
Offshore Project Developer, Tennet, Netherlands
Project Manager HVDC/FACTS, RTE International, France
Project Finance Manager, Otary, Belgium
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