3rd Anti-corruption, Ethics & Compliance for Energy Sector

As energy is a vital part of the global economy and modern lifestyles, people expect uninterrupted energy flows and access to energy sources. Numerous regulations have been introduced to create and secure a sustainable energy network, including the international standards and policies, which has become one of the most discussed challenges in the energy sector.

Strict regulations and legal, environmental, trading, and social compliance concerns are crucial parts of the energy sector’s agenda. Efficient management of compliance risks works as a change agent for accountability and creates business value. Therefore, energy companies need to formulate policies and embed ethical behavior in their daily practices that guide business conduct.

Anti-corruption, Compliance and Ethics for Energy Industry conference welcomes the decision-makers of legal, compliance, ethics, audit departments from leading Energy Utilities, Oil & Gas Operators, Energy Contractors, Nuclear, Sub-contractors & EPC service providers in an exclusive closed-group and business-friendly environment for peer-to-peer networking.

Decision-makers and experts from top energy companies will discuss how to integrate new compliance management practices to their business by showing regard to social, environmental and financial considerations.

  • Renewable Energy Company’s Digital Transformation.
  • Compliance programs – How do we make them effective?
  • How to Conduct a Global Investigation Successfully.
  • The Role of External and Internal Assessments.
  • Compliance with the De-carbonising World for Energy Companies.
  • Leveraging Best Practices in Ethics & Compliance and Diversity: Diversity & Inclusion.

Our expert panel at 3rd Anti-corruption, Ethics & Compliance 2023:

National Grid is a company that owns and operates in the northeast United States, serving more than 20 million people. National Grid is committed to making sure the energy system is clean, fair, and affordable for all of their customers. In addition, they invest in renewable energy and smart grid technologies to create a sustainable environment for all of their customers. Their mission is to provide safe, reliable and inexpensive energy sources so that they can serve their communities.

E.ON is one of the largest providers of energy throughout Europe. They are known for their innovative customer solutions, as well with their environmental protection initiatives. They have been active in the energy business for more than 135 years and have been involved in all aspects of the value chain from generation to sales. With their experience and know-how, E.ON helps to minimize costs for customers and help protect the environment at the same time.

The Basel Institute on Governance is an independent not-for-profit organization. In 2003, it was set up in Basel, Switzerland to help fight corruption and improve standards of governance. With a vast global network, the Basel Institute works with the private and public sectors to conduct training, research, and technical assistance. The institute has over 100 employees who specialize in asset recovery, public governance, compliance with anti-corruption laws and regulations, public finance management, green corruption and more. They are also known for their digital tools like the Basel AML Index of money laundering risks around the world as well as collections of free online courses on financial investigations and asset recovery.

BP is a British oil and gas company that’s one of the world’s seven supermajors. BP announced its involvement in the Clean Gas Project, a world first in CCUS technology for capturing emissions from gas-fired power generation. The company operates in all areas of the oil and gas industry including exploration and extraction, refining, distribution and marketing, power generation, and trading.

Endesa is the largest electric utility company in Spain and the second-largest in Portugal. The company has around 191,00 employees and serves more than 10 million customers. Endesa operates several power plants, including nuclear, fossil-fueled, hydroelectric, and renewable resources that generate over 80,100 GWh of energy per year. Endesa wants to contribute to a new energy model rooted in clean fuels and technologies as it’s part of its technological transformation strategy for the sector.

Statkraft is Norway’s largest energy producer as well as the Nordic region’s third-largest producer. They also produce renewable energy and are a leading supplier of short- and long-term agreements, or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Statkraft has at least one PPA with Daimler AG or Mercedes-Benz, which allows them to power those companies with renewable energy from Bavaria’s largest solar park (equivalent to around 60 soccer fields) and 200 wind turbines (across Germany).

Plenitude (formerly Eni gas e luce) is well-known for its dynamic future vision. They continue to grow and develop new ideas, which have helped them plan for a brighter future. That’s why they’ve become a Benefit Company. In addition to fulfilling their business objectives, they are committed to sustainability. They believe that by being true to who they are and maintaining their history while innovating, they will offer the best possible solutions to their customers. They’re more committed than ever before to providing the most innovative tools, channels, and services.

Advario is a global player in the storage industry and focuses on chemicals, gas, and new energy. They have made a strong commitment to sustainability. Advario is a spinoff of Oiltanking GmbH, one of the world’s leading oil product tank terminal operators, and they are committed to playing a key role in the energy transition through developing customer partnerships that explore energy multi-jurisdictional operations.

Ørsted has a vision of a world powered by 100% renewable energy. In the past decade, they’ve transitioned from being primarily a coal company to become a leader in the green energy market. So far, Ørsted has reduced their coal consumption by 91% and has decided to end all coal use within their power stations by 2023. They’re confident that by 2025, they’ll have installed enough offshore wind capacity to power 30 million people, but they won’t stop there-their ambition is 200 million.

Vestas is a Danish company that researches, manufactures and installs wind turbines. They have installed more than 154 GW of wind power capacity, with more than 7 GW offshore in 87 countries all over the world. Vestas wants to provide sustainable energy solutions for people everywhere by using wind power.

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) is a Transmission System Operator and Independent Transmission Operator that delivers capacity to shippers, those in the pipeline business. It does this in a safe, efficient, and reliable way. TAP helps Europe meet its growing energy demand by providing competitive fuel that reduces emissions relative to traditional forms of fuel.

Qualitas Energy is a distinguished fund manager devoted to renewable energy, energy transition, and sustainable infrastructure. They have been influential in the field since 2007. This knowledge allows them to both invest and be developers, administrators, operators, and energy controllers; fundamental qualities for success in this sector.

NEQSOL Holding is an international group of companies with main business areas covering energy, telecommunications, hi-tech, and construction industries.

The group of companies operates in the UK, the USA, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and the UAE, providing services to over 25 million customers across the globe. The companies within the holding have solid expertise in their industries, with some of them operating for more than two decades. NEQSOL Holding brings the companies together to build a multifaceted and multi-industry business portfolio that ultimately strengthens strategic management and synergies between them.

NEQSOL Holding has a professional team of more than 10,000 employees worldwide, considering human capital the most important asset. The holding plans to expand its business activities by entering both new geographies and business areas.

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Head of Corporate Governance & Compliance Department NEQSOL Holding, Azerbaijan
Chief Specialist Business Ethics, Vestas, Denmark
Senior Compliance Officer, Ørsted, Denmark
Retired Colonel, Energy Security & Trading Expert, USA Army
Head of Compliance for Enforcement & Emerging Issues, OFGEM, United Kingdom
Head Of Compliance Continental Europe, Statkraft, Italy
Head of Antitrust, Market Analysis and Energy Regulation Compliance, Eni Plenitude S.p.A., Italy
Director Legal Germany, Qualitas Energy, Germany
Director of Corporate Legal, Compliance & Cybersecurity, E.ON, Romania
Senior Legal & Compliance Expert, Basel Institute on Governance, Switzerland
Ethics & Compliance Manager, BP, UK
JOSEPH SUICH - national grid
Chief Compliance Officer, National Grid, USA
Head of Legal Corporate & Compliance, Endesa - Enel Group, Spain
Director Compliance, Advario, Germany
Regulatory Compliance Officer, Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG, Switzerland
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