3rd Big-Data & Advanced Analytics in Power & Utilities 2023

With the increasing availability of data from sources such as smart meters, power grid sensors, and weather patterns, the power and utilities industry gets big amounts of data and the task is to make such data useful and gain the insights on the consumption and demand-supply aspect, while improving grid efficiency and resiliency.  

Now when smart transformation of the industry accelerates, the question for utilities is to grasp Big Data & analytics opportunities to drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by personalizing customer offers.     

Mathematician Clive Humby is credited to be one of the first to say “Data is the new oil. Like oil, data is valuable, but if unrefined, it is not of much use”. Managing, processing and securing large volumes of data in today’s hyper connected world, whilst remaining compliant is pushing the industry to innovate, re-strategize and explore new methods and techniques.  

The 3rd edition of Big Data & Advanced Analytics in Power & Utilities 2023 will witness industry leaders come together to discuss what is holding utilities back, what are the challenges in implementing Big Data Analytics, how to manage big amounts of data, and how to ensure that Big Data & Advanced Analytics drives business value. With interesting keynote sessions and engaging panel discussions this two-day event is not to be missed.  

  • Optimizing energy generation, distribution, and consumption with data
  • Energy management and optimization.
  • Real time monitoring and control systems and enhancing Demand Response Management.
  • The ethical considerations of Big Data and Advanced Analytics in power and utilities. 
  • Asset management and application of data in optimizing asset utilization.
  • Predictive Model Development.
  • Enhancing customer engagement with AI and delivering personalized experiences.
  • Mitigating fraud and cyberattacks, exploring the potential of blockchain technology in improving data privacy and security in power and utilities. 

Our expert panel at 3rd Big-Data & Advanced Analytics in Power & Utilities 2023:

Enel is a multinational corporation that produces and distributes electricity and gas. Performing operations in 31 different countries, it holds 73rd position on the list of the world’s biggest companies. In 2021, its output of electricity was 232 TWh while 510.3 TWh and 309.4 TWh were respectively distributed and sold.

Eneco is a leader in sustainable energy and has dedicated themselves to serving over 2 million customers. With more than 2970 employees involved in their mission, they are committed to providing smart and affordable products. In addition, they have recently made large investments into offshore wind farms and solar roofs, with the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2035.

50Hertz Transmission GMBH has employed the use of drone and helicopter flights, supplying a substantial amount of imagery for their database, aiding in the efficient running of their electricity transmission network. This network is constantly evolving to meet the demands of an energy transitioning world.

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Rachel 50 hertz
Deputy Head of AI Center of Excellence, 50 Hertz (Elia Group), Germany
Kaustav Basu, Eneco
Lead Data Scientist, Eneco, The Netherlands

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    September 25, 2023 09:30
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    September 26, 2023 17:00
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