3rd Data Hub in Power & Utilities

There is an evolution in the energy industry when it comes to the digital era; big data collection and analysis, digital transformation, and data hub development have become an important tool for utilities to understand their customer’s energy usage patterns, predict and prevent potential power outages, balance and optimize energy supply and demand. 

At this conference, we provide a single platform for big data experts and decision-makers in the European Energy Sector to discuss the challenges and solutions of Data Hub in Power & Utilities with data transformation and utilization, cybersecurity, electricity retail market analysis and new technologies development. 

We would like to welcome all key market players and top management to join the discussion, and the peer-to-peer network would allow you to share and exchange your thoughts and opinions with an exclusive group of experts. 

  • Designing the business model of energy data hubs.  
  • Importance of data governance for technologies development.  
  • Operationalization of data centricity.  
  • Domain data mesh concept and its importance for power and utilities process transformation.  
  • Cloud technology for predictive maintenance.  
  • Data science lifecycle management.
  • AI/ML model implementation and monitoring. 

Our expert panel at 3rd Data Hub in Power & Utilities 2023:

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG is a Transmission System Operator and an Independent Transmission Operator that provides capacity to shippers, those in the pipeline business. It does so in a safe, reliable and efficient way. The TAP delivers competitive, lower-carbon fuel that helps Europe meet its growing energy demand while simultaneously reducing emissions relative to traditional forms of fuel.

Teréga Solutions is a French subsidiary that specializes in long-lasting solutions for gas infrastructures. Established in 2021, Teréga Solutions has the mission of contributing to the energy transition of territories. Teréga Solutions offers innovative energy and digital solutions that meet challenges related to energy efficiency and decarbonization.

Enel is a multinational company that manufactures and distributes electricity and gas. The company operates in 31 countries and is the 73rd largest in the world. In 2021, Enel produced 232 TWh of electricity, distributed 510.3 TWh, and sold 309.4 TWh.

Eneco provides sustainable energy to over 2 million customers through electricity, gas, and heating. They have 2970 employees and are fully committed to providing smart and affordable products to their customers. Eneco’s recently invested in offshore wind farms, large solar roofs, and aims to be climate neutral by 2035.

Elhub is a central IT system that supports and streamlines the task of electricity sales, move-in/-out, termination of supply etc. in the Norwegian electricity market. It also supports the distribution and aggregation of metering values for all consumption and production in Norway. Statnett’s wholly owned subsidiary, Elhub AS, is responsible for establishing and maintaining Elhub.

Energinet is Denmark’s national transmission system operator, and they’ve been working with CGI since 2013 to build a datahub. With the company’s help, Energinet has designed a datahub that works according to the wholesale model and uses flex-settlement. This ensures that data for over 3.3 million consumers is stored safely.

Fortum is a European energy company with an international reach. They provide electricity, gas, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency. They want to engage customers and society in the effort to make the world cleaner. Together with subsidiary Uniper, Fortum is a leader in producing environmentally friendly power for Europe.

Endesa is one of the largest electric utility companies in Spain, the second-biggest in Portugal. In Spain alone, Endesa has 10 thousand employees and over 10 million clients. Their resources depend on nuclear, fossil fuel, hydroelectric and renewable power plants which produce over 80 billion kWh per year. Endesa aims to create a new clean energy model for this sector and help transform it into a thriving industry.

50Hertz Transmission GMBH has provided extensive image material gathered during drone and helicopter flights for the creation of the database to helps operate its electricity transmission network, which it continuously expands as needed for the energy transition.

Ask Your Boss

We wish that everyone who is interested in attending the 3rd Data Hub in Power & Utilities 2023 conference will be able to do so. How to convince your boss to pay for the conference? To make things easier for you, we created some email templates that you can even copy and paste into your boss’s inbox.

Use one of our email templates below:

Mogens Juul Sass-Petersen , energinet
Product Manager DataHub Service, Energinet, Denmark
Director Strategy and Business Development, Elhub As, Norway
Matteo Masotti, enel.
Head of Data Competence Center | Global Trading Digital Hub | Global Digital Solutions, Enel, Italy
Kristofer Jakobson
Data Scientist, Fortum, Sweden
CTO, Teréga Solutions, France
Digitalization Manager-Market & Systems Division, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Germany
Ashley Gómez Porta, Endesa
Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Endesa, Spain
Head of Data and Analytics, Van Oord, Netherlands
Kaustav Basu, Eneco
Lead Data Scientist, Eneco, The Netherlands
simina suciu - Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG
Head of Compliance, Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG, Switzerland

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