3rd Global Carbon Capture & Storage 2024

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The role of Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) & carbon sinks in climate change mitigation has been a topic of discussion for over two decades. CCUS has emerged as one of the technologies to mitigate climate change. Also, there have been historically limited efforts to understand the potential of the CCUS technology and associated geological assessment. CCUS has the potential to cater to both energy security and emission abatement aspirations of the industries. 

Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage or CCUS technologies are gaining relevance more than ever on the road to net zero, wherein they can help store the emitted carbon and, in some cases, further transform it into recycled products. Carbon capture, utilization, and storage can play an essential role in addressing our decarbonization challenge. 

3rd Global Carbon Capture & Storage 2024  provides an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the industry. It prepares a unified and practical strategy for developing and implementing CCUS techniques in the energy sector. Furthermore, it will discuss the perspectives on the status of the CCUS development and its potential. It welcomes key market players to join the discussion and peer-to-peer networking with an exclusive group of experts to share their thoughts on the current CCUS status and its development potential in the near future. 

  • Industry Collaboration & CCUS Hubs: Enabling Decarbonization 
  • Future CCUS Deployment, Emerging Technologies 
  • Case Study: CCUS Technology Competitiveness 
  • Infrastructural Deployment of CCUS 
  • Modularisation & its cost impact 
  • Risk assessment in CCUS & Use cases 
  • Assess methods and way forward for development of CO2 transport infrastructure 
  • Assess methods for improvement and cost reduction of Capture technologies

ENGIE is a global energy company focusing on renewable energy and storage, energy solutions, networks, and thermal production and energy supply. ENGIE works to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by operating a low-carbon energy infrastructure.

Nordic Electrofuel provides a solution for the rapid transition of all transportation sectors from fossil to renewable electrical energy. It is based on converting renewable electric energy into liquid electro-fuels that can be transported, stored, and used like conventional fossil hydrocarbons.

GRTgaz is a world leader in gas systems and a pioneer in high-pressure natural gas transportation in Europe. The company wants to help the world achieve carbon neutrality. GRTgaz invests in developing innovative technological solutions to integrate renewable gas, including hydrogen, into its network. The company collaborates with its partners to develop technology for separating natural gas and hydrogen and testing natural gas network equipment for hydrogen leaks.

Naftogaz – UGV (Ukrgasvydobuvannya) is the largest gas production company in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a subsidiary of the state-owned National Joint-stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. UGV produces about 70% of all natural gas in Ukraine. The company operates in over 12 regions of Ukraine and has a portfolio of over 140 hydrocarbon deposits. The company also plays an important role in Ukraine’s energy security.

Southern Company is a gas and electric utilities holding company in the southern United States. Southern Company is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and providing a clean energy future to its customers and communities.

CO2 Value Europe is a new European Association dedicated to the use of CO2, which was established on November 30, 2017. Its mission is to promote the development and market deployment of sustainable industrial solutions that convert CO2 into valuable products (materials, fuels, or chemicals), thereby contributing to net reductions in global CO2 emissions and feedstock diversification.

Eurogas is an association of 74 companies and represents the European natural gas industry. The members cover gas wholesale and retail gas markets, and the distribution of natural gas, biomethane, and hydrogen. They also work with companies active on gases for vehicles, and on value chain methane emissions management. Eurogas accelerates the transition to carbon neutrality through dialogue and advocacy about optimizing the use of gases.

Prores AS is a Norwegian technology company that develops and provides solutions for the petroleum industry. Prores has over 100 employees and operates in over 10 countries. Prores’ solutions focus on helping oil and gas companies to improve the efficiency and safety of their operations. The company’s products include software for reservoir management, well planning, and production optimization. Prores also provides consulting services and training to help customers implement and use its solutions Prores is a leading provider of technology solutions for the petroleum industry. The company’s products and services are used by some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, including Equinor, Shell, and TotalEnergies.

The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) is a CEO-led initiative comprised of 12 of the world’s leading energy companies. It is headquartered in London, UK. OGCI’s mission is to lead the industry’s response to climate change and accelerate action to a net zero future consistent with the 2015 Paris Agreement. The initiative’s members have committed to reducing their collective methane emissions by 0.25% per year from 2020 to 2025, and to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions from their operations by 2050. OGCI is playing a leading role in the oil and gas industry’s response to climate change. The initiative’s members are committed to reducing their emissions and accelerating the transition to a clean energy future.

Repsol Technology Lab is the research and development center of Repsol, a Spanish multinational energy company headquartered in Madrid. It is one of the most cutting-edge private R&D models in Spain, based on open innovation and a network of partnerships encompassing technology centers, businesses, and universities worldwide. Repsol Technology Lab is a major player in the Spanish innovation ecosystem. It employs over 250 people and invests over €100 million annually in R&D. The lab has a strong track record of success, having developed a number of innovative technologies that have been commercialized by Repsol.

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) is a ministerial department supported by 14 agencies and public bodies. It focuses on the energy portfolio from the former Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).  DESNZ is responsible for developing and implementing policies to ensure a secure and affordable energy supply for the UK, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net zero by 2050.

Air Liquide is a French multinational company that supplies industrial gases and services to various industries. The company was founded in 1902 and is headquartered in Paris, Ile-de-France, France, and operates in over 80 countries. Air Liquide has a workforce of over 67,000 employees. Air Liquide supplies Industrial gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, and ultra-pure gases, Equipment, including burners, injection devices, and generators, Skin disinfectants, antiseptics, and medical instrument disinfection products, Medical gases, distribution systems, and associated services to hospitals, clinics, private practitioners, and emergency services.

Baker Hughes is a leading energy technology company that designs and manufactures transformative technologies to take energy forward. The company has a presence in over 120 countries, including Germany. Baker Hughes Germany provides a wide range of products and services to the oil and gas industry, including Drilling equipment and services, Formation evaluation and completion services, Production equipment and services, and Reservoir consulting services. Baker Hughes is committed to helping its customers operate more efficiently, reliably, and safely. The company is also a leader in the development of new technologies to help the oil and gas industry reduce its environmental impact.

Gasunie is a Dutch energy infrastructure company that operates a network of natural gas pipelines and storage facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. The company’s pipelines connect gas production fields, processing facilities, and storage facilities to customers in the Netherlands and Germany, as well as to other countries in Europe. Gasunie’s storage facilities help to ensure a reliable supply of natural gas, even during periods of high demand. Gasunie is also involved in the development of new energy technologies, such as hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS). The company is working to build a hydrogen backbone network in the Netherlands and is also investing in CCS projects.

Carbon Limits AS is a Norwegian climate technology consultancy that helps public authorities, private companies, finance institutions, and non-governmental organizations reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Limits has a team of over 50 experts with backgrounds in public services, energy industries, international organizations, as well as consultancy and research. Carbon Limits is a leading provider of climate technology consultancy services. The company has a proven track record of helping clients reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and develop innovative climate solutions.

CCU International is a UK-based energy company that provides patented carbon capture and refinement technology for industry. Their technologies help businesses achieve their carbon reduction goals. CCU International’s technology can help industrial emitters to reduce their environmental impact and achieve their net zero goals. The company’s technology is also versatile and can be used to capture CO2 from a wide range of industrial sources, including power plants, cement plants, and steel mills.

Chris Thackeray
Deputy Director - Power CCUS, Department of Energy Security & Net Zero, UK
Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar, Reservoir Engineer Prores AS, Norway
Reservoir Engineer Prores AS, Norway
Victor Bernabeu, Eurogas
Director - Policy, Eurogas, Belgium
Beena Sharma
CEO and Co-Founder, CCU International, UK
Gaëlle Bureau - Cauchois, Carbon Limit
Associate Director, Carbon Limits AS, Norway
Irina Ålund, Carbon Limit
Consultant, Carbon Limits AS, Norway
Fred Lockwood, President OCEOS, Air Liquide, France
President OCEOS, Air Liquide, France
Gianluca Di Federico, Strategic Demand & Market Development Leader, Baker Hughes, Germany
CCUS Strategic Demand & Market Development Leader, Baker Hughes, Germany
Mykhailo Bratakh
UkrNDIgas Director Naftogaz - UGV, Ukraine
Tudy Bernier
Senior Policy Manager, CO2 Value Europe, Belgium
Jordi Pedrola Process Development Senior Scientist Carbon Management Repsol Technology Lab Repsol, Spain
Senior Scientist - Carbon Management, Repsol Technology Lab, Spain
Iain Macdonald CCUS Workstream Lead, OGCI, UK
CCUS Workstream Lead, OGCI, UK
Nicolas Peugniez
Head of Strategy Department, GRTGAZ, FRANCE
Lucie Boost Head of European Affairs Air Products NV, Belgium
Head of European Affairs, Air Products NV, Belgium
Pim Van Keep
Regional Sales Director, Aker Carbon Capture Norway AS, Norway
Harry Maasakkers, Commercial Manager Gasunie, Netherlands
Commercial Director CO2next, Gasunie, The Netherlands
Gunnar Holen, electrofuel
CEO, Nordic Electrofuel, Norway
Daniel Maranne, ENGIE
Energy Solution Architect, Engie, Belgium
Richard A. Esposito, Souther Company
R&D Program Manager - Geosciences & Carbon Management/Net Zero Technologies, Southern Company, USA
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