3rd HVDC Offshore Power Transmission & Technology

The global investment in power grids and cables are expected to overpass the investment in solar and wind power itself by 2050. Large-scale expansion of offshore power generation is introducing new challenges in power transmission in terms of reliability and efficiency. Grid complexity increases as interconnections within these power systems are expanding and the cost efficient HVDC technology has become increasingly more important for the long-distance transmission of offshore power to the onshore grid. The use of HVDC transmission technology offers numerous benefits in long-distance transmission, bulk electricity delivery, transmission costs and the environment. In the era of energy transition, further considerations need to be discussed for long-term expansion planning, new transmission standards, large offshore platforms, multipurpose interconnectors, super grids and other innovative topologies.


3rd HVDC Offshore Power Transmission & Technology 2023 welcomes decision-makers from power transmission departments of leading Power Generation and TSOs in an exclusive closed-group and business-friendly environment for peer-to-peer networking, ample knowledge-sharing and learning opportunities in the highly evolving energy sector. This event will examine latest developments, challenges, opportunities and technologies of HVDC and grid technology to support the expansion of offshore power transmission.

  • Growing importance of HVDC in the expansion of OSW
  • Interoperability of multi-vendor HVDC
  • Long-term transition in the power systems
  • Multi-terminal HVDC Grid Protection
  • HVDC cables and submarine interconnectors
  • Lessons Learnt: USA’s experience with HVDC

Our expert panel at the ” 3rd HVDC Offshore Power Transmission & Technology” conference:

PNNL is the leading US research center specializing in chemistry, data analytics, Earth science, and technological innovation in sustainable energy and national security. It has 19 DOE-recognized core capabilities. The energy storage specialists at PNNL also lead the nation’s battery research and development program. PNNL is renowned for its state-of-the-art innovation in national security and sustainable energy. For notably, it is the sole entity from the Northwest that NASA has chosen to study lunar samples recovered from the first Apollo mission to the moon. Since 1965, PNNL has received 2,977 US and foreign patents.

Xlinks is a leading UK renewable energy company that aims to provide clean, sustainable energy at a subsidy-free price. Xlinks uses an established HVDC system to address the issue of continuous supply. The Morocco-UK Power Project, a large-scale renewable energy project proposed by Xlinks, will generate 10.5 GW of clean energy from large-scale solar and wind facilities in Morocco and provide ultra-low-cost, zero-carbon electricity that will be connected through reliable HVDC interconnector technology on a 3800 km route under the seabed to the UK to power seven million homes by the end of the decade.

SuperGrid Institute is an Independent research and innovation center based in France dedicated to developing electric power systems that aim to increase energy efficiency and integrate renewable resources into the grid on a wide scale. The HVDC Cable Systems and Junctions research program that they focus on of the SuperGrid Institute develops technological components for HVDC cable systems and studies high-performance materials to be utilized in the DC Grid. These programs are among the five research domains that the SuperGrid Institute focuses on about high voltage networks, energy conversions, and direct current systems. They have 285 worldwide publications in addition to 91 patent applications.

RTE is a key player within Europe’s power system and France’s transmission system operator. RTE is in charge of a great network of more than 105,000 km of high- and ultra-high-voltage lines connecting France and neighboring European nations. With its expertise, RTE, which plays a significant part in the French and European power networks, is a vital economic partner for enterprises and regions, a key player in the transition to renewable energy sources, and a strong supporter of electrical solidarity across Europe. Additionally, RTE strives to lessen its environmental impact to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Red Electrica is the first company in the world exclusively involved in electricity system operation and transport. It holds assets in Peru, Chile, and Brazil and runs Spain’s national electrical grid. The high-voltage electricity transmission grid is developed, expanded, and maintained. Red Electrica has a workforce of more than 1,800 individuals and a vast network of 44,000 kilometers of lines. To encourage social advancement, they are working to ensure a safe and consistent supply of power throughout Spain. They oversee the operation of satellites, dark fiber optic networks, and high-voltage power transmission grids.

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Senior HV/MV Components Engineer, Orsted, UK
Dr. Richard Poole
HVDC Subject Matter Expert, National Grid Ventures, UK
Peter Jan Randewijk
Senior Electrical Engineer, Energinet, Denmark
Travis Douville speaker
US Department of Energy Wind Energy Grid Integration Lead, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Álvaro Francés Pérez
Electrical Engineer, Red Eléctrica, Spain
Richard Hardy
Project Director, Xlinks, UK
William Garcia
Technical Business Development Engineer, SuperGrid Institute, France
Divya Kurthakoti
Senior Lead Specialist, Orsted, USA
Kamdi Okoye
Project Quality Manager, Vattenfall, UK
Chief Technical Officer, SuperGrid Institute, France
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