3rd Underground Gas Storage

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Underground gas storage have the potential to help shape an integrated energy system and provide a more secure supply chain. Europe’s underground storage capacity in form of salt caverns, aquifers, and depleted oil and gas fields offers immense potential for the future. 

This conference will bring together the most prominent Decision-Makers from the European Gas sector to discuss the future of underground storage in Europe, exchange their opinions and build business relationships through well-organized networking.  

  • What does the gas crisis mean for storage operators? German focus 
  • RAG Energy Storage Projects  
  • The environmental monitoring of Edison UGS activities and its positive impact on approval of the projects 
  • Challenges and opportunities of UGS Industry in the context of the renewable gas market development 

Our expert panel at 3rd Underground Gas Storage:

RAG-AUSTRIA is Austria’s largest gas storage company. RAG has a gas storage capacity of over 6,2 billion cubic metres of natural gas. The company operates and develops 11 pore storage facilities and also develops energy technologies related to green gas.

EDISON is an Italian company whose primary activities are the production and distribution of electricity and natural gas. The company is focused on developing and managing gas storage activities and operates 3 gas storage centres in Italy with a total capacity of 1,1 billion cubic meters. Edison plans to increase its capacity storage up to 2 billion cubic metres.

BULGARTRANSGAZ is a Bulgarian company whose main activities are natural gas transmission and storage. The Company owns and operates one gas storage for covering the seasonal fluctuations in consumption and delivery of natural gas. Bulgartransgaz plans to increase gas storage capacity from 550 million cubic metres to 1 billion.

STORENGY DEUTSCHLAND GMBH is German gas storage company. Its main activity is the underground storage of natural gas. Storenergy operates 6 storage locations in Germany with a 1.6 billion m3 working gas volume.  The company portfolio also includes planning, construction and operation of storage facilities and the marketing of gas storage capacities.

UNIPER ENERGY STORAGE is an energy company based in Germany. The company operates natural gas storage facilities in Germany, Austria and the UK with a working gas capacity of over 7.5 billion cubic meters.

Markus Pichler RAG Austria
Reservoir Engineer, RAG-Austria, Austria
Reservoir and Subsurface Manager, Edison Stoccaggio, Italy
Dimitar Shterev
Senior Expert Gas Storage, Bulgartransgaz, Bulgaria
Carola Millgramm, E-Control
Head of Gas Department, E-Control, Austria
Catherine Gras, storengy
CEO Storengy UK & Germany, Storengy Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Michael Schmöltzer, Uniper
Head of Gas Storage Austria, Uniper Energy Storage, Austria

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    November 17, 2022 13:00
  • End Date
    November 18, 2022 17:00