3rd Virtual Power Plant

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Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) can accomplish a whole range of tasks. In general, the objective is to network distributed energy resources such as wind farms, solar parks, and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units, in order to monitor, forecast, optimize and trade their power. VPPs are not just about creating smart tech; they are also about facilitating agreements between retailers, networks, government, solar installers and, importantly, home owners.

The Conference gathers at one place the prominent industry market players from Europe and wider, VPP developers and operators, constructions, Re-energy operators, VPP Industry maintenance and supply chain decision-makers, tech innovators, and impeccable players to address and discuss future challenges and opportunities for becoming zero carbonized Europe and building E-cities.

To work properly, a VPP uses information and communication technologies (ICT) in conjunction with the internet of things (IoT). Thanks to these technologies, it can efficiently manage energy production, storage and consumption, resulting in significant money savings. Artificial intelligence might be, in this case, helpful for data collection and its processing. On the other side, software highly dependent on ICT is facing a different sort of threat – cyber attacks. Have you also heard usage of blockchain in VPP industry?

  • Best practical example (VPP). Inadequate infrastructure andthe high cost associated with advanced technology are predicted to keep market growth
  • How to unlock VPP:Powering up new opportunities.
  • Policy challenge for managing Virtual Power Plants operations. Market mechanism framework design of Virtual Power Plant for promoting clean energy development.
  • Future trends and challenges. Large-scale storage and new grid operation to defer reinforcements investments. Incorporation of VPPs in the electricity market.
  • Technology as key ingredient in VPP design. Information and communication technologies (ICT) tools enabling smart grid flexibility. Internet of things (IoT) based real time energy management.
  • AI and the tech behind the Virtual Power Plant. VPP requires artificial intelligance enabled tools coupled with machine learning and big data.
  • Cybersecurity challenges in energy sector for VPP. Evaluation of risks of cyber-incidents and costs of preventing them in energy sector.
  • Built upon Blockchain technology a flexible VPP. Blockchain as a technology in energy industry still has room to grow. Latest VPP use of blockchain proves energy storage can solve grid congestion.

Our expert panel at the 3rd Virtual Power Plant conference:


E.ON,with 50 million customers, is one of the world’s largest private energy companies and, following the acquisition of Innogy, is focusing entirely on energy networks and customer solutions as the central building blocks of a new, sustainable energy world.

Next Kraftwerke

Founded in 2009 Next Kraftwerke is a large-scale Virtual Power Plant (VPP) operator and a certified power trader on different European exchange markets. Its VPP bundles about 13,000 medium- and small-scale power producing and power consuming units. It includes among others generators such as biogas, wind, and solar.


EDP  is a Portuguese electric utilities company, headquartered in Lisbon. It was founded in 1976 through the merger of 14 nationalized electricity companies. 75% of all energy EDP generate comes from renewable sources and EDP aims to be all green by 2030.

Enel X

Enel X is the largest private company involved in renewable energy with an extensive electric power distribution network, encompassing the largest customer base in the world. On 20th of July 2022, Enel X has signed a deal with Taipei 101 to support Taiwan’s energy transition.


Vestas is a Danish company that manufactures, sells, installs and services wind turbines, one of the largest of its kind in the world. The company has installed more than 154 GW of wind power capacity, including more than 7 GW offshore in 87 countries on five continents. Its vision is to become the global leader in sustainable energy solutions based on wind power.

Julia Suc
Head of Development Opportunities Virtual Power Plant, E.ON, Germany
CEO, Next Kraftwerke, Germany
Head of Product Distributed Generation, EDP, Spain
Head of Demand Response Solutions, Enel X, Italy
OT Cyber Data Scientist, Vestas, Poland
Flex.ON Program Manager, E.ON, Hungary

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    November 15, 2022 13:00
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