9th Annual Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management

9th Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management for Oil & Gas Industry is bringing together technical and strategic leaders from major O&G Companies, Pipeline Owners/Operators, Gas TSOs and Refineries to brainstorm on major challenges in pipeline integrity and adopting optimal maintenance strategies for smooth operations. This year’s event will have a focus on pipeline integrity management, maintenance & inspection processes, crack assessment, corrosion prevention & upgraded technologies application as well as look at the impact of Hydrogen, biogases into the existing pipeline systems.

The event will enable participants in gaining a competitive advantage by benchmarking their strategies alongside proven best practices shared by our decision-makers. This is ensured through exchange of pragmatic ideas, problem solving & high-quality peer-to-peer networking environment.

  • The use of additives in fuels transported through pipelines
  • How to manage the integrity of pipelines with a pipeline risk & integrity management software solution
  • Challenges and solutions for difficult to pig applications
  • Impact of pressure cycle induced fatigue on stress corrosion cracking
  • Upgraded technologies for integrity management
  • Re-purposing a High-Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline System for Hydrogen Transmission
  • Achieving excellence in maintaining pipeline assets – A stitch in time, saves nine
Giuseppe Giunta, Eni,
Technical Authority Manager, Eni, Italy
Chief Operations Officer, Elinoil SA, Greece
Pipeline and Subsea Team Lead, Subject Matter Expert:Pigging Operations, Shell, UK
Corrosion Engineer, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Senior Integrity Engineer, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
FutureGrid Programme Lead, National Grid, UK
Hydrogen Engineering Lead, National Grid, UK
Director & Head O&M, Reliance Ethane Pipeline Ltd, India
CEO, The Sniffers, Belgium
MaintenanceAI Solution Leader, McKinsey & Co, Spain
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Event Details
  • Start Date
    October 14, 2021 13:00
  • End Date
    October 15, 2021 17:00
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MARCOGAZ is a non-profit international Association founded in 1968 and represents the European gas industry on all technical aspects of the gas system’s full value chain. MARCOGAZ represents the interests of national and European gas associations as well as the individual gas companies’ members spread across Europe. With the support of its working groups of technical experts, MARCOGAZ is actively involved in concrete initiatives and programs to ensure the sustainable, safe and efficient development of natural gas and new gases including Hydrogen and Biomethane and the sector integration in Europe.
The Pigging Products and Services Association (PPSA) was formed in 1990 and has 120+ members representing the pigging industry from over 20 countries around the world. PPSA plays a major role in providing information and sourcing pigging equipment and services for the pipeline industry and responds to hundreds of enquiries each year through its web site www.ppsa-online.com. It provides a free technical information service and runs seminars on pigging. Its aims are, To promote the knowledge of pigging by providing a channel of communication between the members themselves, and with users and other interested parties.

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SecureGas (Securing The European Gas Network) – is a Research Project in the EU Framework Program H2020 for Research and Innovation, aiming to strengthen the security and resilience of the European Gas Network by taking into account physical and cyber threats. In line with the European Energy Security Strategy, the European Programme for European Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP), the EU’s reliance on gas imports and the EU Regulation 2017/1938 on Security of Gas Supply, the project focuses on the 140.000km of the European gas network covering the entire value chain from production to distribution, providing methodologies, tools, and guidelines to secure existing and incoming installations and make them resilient to cyber-physical threats.

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