Digital Twin in Energy Sector 2022

Digitalisation of power assets is one of the most discussed topics in the energy sector nowadays, due to the increasing complexity of current power systems. Digital Twin technology can be a helpful tool for asset optimization in terms of production planning and maintenance, as well as for asset health monitoring and further plant monitoring applications. It can be applied across the whole energy sector to achieve optimal results in terms of asset maintenance, production planning, plant efficiency and risk mitigation.

Currently emerging concept of Digital Twin is facing various challenges, such as data standardisation, data management and data security, as well as barriers in its implementation and legacy system transformation. Bringing these challenges to the discussion, the conference will show the ways of digital twin technology implementation to improve productivity of power assets, risk management and plant optimization.

Digital Twin in Energy Sector 2022 will gather decision-makers from the European power industry to discuss the latest trends and challenges of Digital Twin technologies, and to build business relationships through direct networking and knowledge-sharing. The conference will address the latest asset management practices in the fast-growing environment of technological innovation. Integrate digital twin technology and make informed and data-driven decisions!

  • How to Transform the O&M in Companies with Legacy Data Strategy in O&M
  • Understanding the Nature of Digital Twin – Digital Twin Challenges & Values; Empowering Businesses
  • Digital Twin Implementation Roadmap & Business Models
  • Digital Twins: Project Management Use Cases in the Energy Industry
  • Case Study: Successful Digital Twin Implementation
  • Digital Twin & Predictive Maintenance for Downtime Reduction
  • Case Study: Digital Twin for Predictive Maintenance in Solar Plant
  • Lessons Learned after 20+ Years in Practice: TorAn Digital Twin for Torque Monitoring
Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano, Repsol
Digital Transformation Global Advisor, Repsol, Spain
Maria Gonzalez, Enagas
Head of Strategy and Digital Agenda, Enagás, Spain
Matthias Hummer, Uniper
Head of Team Metrology, Uniper, Germany
Benedicte Piret, Engie
Leader of Efficiency and Sustainability, Engie, Chile
Vitor do Valle, petrobras
Head of Centre of Excellence in UX and Digital Technology, Petrobras, Brazil
New Technologies and Applications OT Leader, CEPSA, Spain
Dan Isaacs, Digital Twin Consortium
CTO, Digital Twin Consortium, US
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