District Heating 2021

It requires a massive amount of energy for heating homes and workplaces, however, the energy that is generated by fossil fuels has to take a big responsibility of carbon emissions. In order to achieve a carbon-neutral future, what would be the alternatives of fossil fuels when it comes to district heating? How do we decarbonize the district heating system?

At this conference, we provide a single platform for district heating experts and decision-makers in the European Energy Sector to discuss the challenges and solutions of District Heating with energy storage system, district heating by renewable energies, uncertainties of power demand, future development and improvement of district heating, and decarbonizing district heating supply.

We would like to welcome all key market players and top management to join the discussion, and the peer-to-peer network would allow you to share and exchange your thoughts and opinions with an exclusive group of experts.

  • Optimization of CHP with energy storage system
  • Future development of district heating
  • Decarbonising district heating supply
  • CHP and Renewable Technology to meet requirements
  • How does CHP based District Heating can be revolutionized with Demand Side Response (DSR)
  • District heating a decades-old technology that could help to decarbonize cities
  • Geothermal for district heating and other potential resources
  • DHC and the European Green Deal
Global Business Development, Flexibility , Enel X, Ireland
General Manager, Energy Systems, Fortum eNext, Finland
Director Heating and Cooling Systems, ENGIE, France
Head of Engineering & Service Delivery, ESB Smart Energy Services, Ireland
Jozef Augustynow, Fortum
Product Development and Digitalisation Manager, Fortum Power and Heat Polska, Poland
Managing Director, Euroheat & Power
CEO, Energy Advice, Lithuania
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Event Details
  • Start Date
    November 2, 2021 13:00
  • End Date
    November 3, 2021 17:00