Drones in Energy 2022

Drone technology is proving to be a significant change for the energy industry. Energy sectors like solar, wind, oil, and gas rely on inspections to maintain safety standards, but those inspections can take large amounts of time and money to carry out. With drones flying over the utility sites, damage to everything can quickly be identified and problems can be prevented before they grow.

This Drones in Energy conference will discuss the evolving future of Drones in the Energy Sector to make this sector more efficient than ever by using innovative Unmanned systems.

  • The policies and regulations status for use of Drones in Energy and its impact
  • The value of Unmanned Aerial Systems for energy sector
  • Integration of Drones data in the current operations
  • Deployment of Drones to conduct inspections and plan sites
  • Training and availability of skilled workforce
  • COVID-19 impacts and best practices


Vattenfall has been working with Drones and sensor technology for over 5 years. The use of drones makes it simpler and safer in Inspection of power lines, shorelines, hydropower dams and nuclear reactors. The results can be used to update the calculation by means of computer modeling.


Shell started operating Drone-based technology in 2012. With drones, Shell has focused on surveillance and increasingly used remotely operated aerial vehicles (ROAVs) to inspect the condition of its oil and gas facilities in difficult-to-enter places, like a tall tower, a tower with complex design.

EDP Labelec

EDP Labelec has designed and used Drones since 2015. Drones are used for inspecting various electricity sector assets, from power lines to production centers themselves: dams, wind and solar farms, power plants, and so on.

Aramco Overseas Company

Aramco Overseas Company has been enhancing the technology to optimize the productivity and efficiency for delivering energy to customers, companies, shareholders and partners around the world.Aramco values the vision and mission to strengthen position as a world leader in integrated energy and chemicals.

Caden Gas Ltd

Cadent Gas Ltd’s first drone trials were conducted on electricity and gas networks in 2018. Cadent focused on evaluating existing technologies, aircraft suitability, and risk management approaches to unlock a new in order to lower costs and maintain the service.

50Hertz Transmission GMBH

50Hertz Transmission GMBH has provided extensive image material gathered during drone and helicopter flights for the creation of the database to operates the electricity transmission system which it expands as needed for the energy transition.

simon henry, zenadrone
Business Development Manager, Ireland/ UK & Europe , ZenaDrone, Ireland
Erwin Loonen, shell
Maintenance Robotics Program Lead, Shell, The Netherlands
Fabio Fata, Flyability
Area Sales Manager, Flyability, Switzerland
André Coelho , edp
Head of Asset Inspection, EDP Labelec, Portugal
Maan M. Iskander, Aramco Overseas Company
Manager-Technical Services Department, Aramco Overseas Company, The Netherlands
Arya Fazilat, 50hertz
Innovation and Digitalisation, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Germany
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