Dynamic Line Rating for Power and Utilities 2022

According to the European Green Deal, European Union is targeting a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 that is an ambitious target requiring significant change also in the European power system. The massive integration of renewable energies in the framework of establishing the European internal energy market brings up challenges related to power generation volatility, system resiliency, system flexibility, energy storage, transmission congestions, etc.

The innovation known as Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) has become increasingly relevant with higher shares of variable renewable energy (VRE) sources in the power system. Many grid operators are now considering using or already using DLR as a practical technology for increasing transmission capacity. DLR offers system operators a rapidly deployable, low-cost method of increasing line ratings, which can be implemented without the need to build new physical infrastructure or put key lines out of service.

The conference “Dynamic Line Rating for Power and Utilities” will focus on the potential of DLR in addressing grid optimization, system adequacy and flexibility, security of supply, congestion prevention, cost-effective asset management, as well as on the actions and preconditions for its wider application.

The conference will gather senior-level managers from the European energy sector companies from the generation, transmission and distribution segments committed to grid optimization and energy transition in their countries or regions and technology providers and monitoring equipment manufacturers.

  • Optimizing line capacity. Key success factors for RES integration
  • Capacity calculation. Limits on line capacity
  • More wind farm connections. Feed-in management. Economic dispatch
  • DLR technology integration in operation, planning, and protection solutions
  • DLR integration in SCADA / EMS. Control rooms
  • DLR technical and reliability issues. Cybersecurity of sensing and monitoring technologies
  • Congestion management
  • Grid challenges and issues faced by TSOs and DSOs

Our expert panel at Dynamic Line Rating for Power and Utilities 2022:

TenneT TSO is a leading European electricity transmission system operator, with activities in the Netherlands and in Germany. The company strives to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity in its high-voltage grid for 42 million people.

Elia is a Belgian TSO for high-voltage electricity, located in Brussels, Belgium. It operates in Belgium and Germany. The company transmits electricity from generators to distribution system operators, which then supply SMEs and homes.

Réseau de Transport d’Électricité – RTE is the electricity transmission system operator of France. It operates, maintains and develops the French high-voltage transmission system, which at approximately 100,000 kilometers, is Europe’s biggest.

UFD is in charge of the Naturgy Group’s regulated electricity distribution activity. The company’s main activity is the transmission of electrical energy from power stations and the transport network to the final consumers.

Red Eléctrica de España is a partly state-owned and public limited Spanish corporation that operates the national electricity grid in Spain, where it operates the national power transmission system. It also holds assets in Peru, Chile and Brazil.

Operato is a member of the ELES Group, with the mission of empowering the power system with products and solutions that improve operational security and enable better utilization of the power system infrastructure.

Swissgrid is the national grid company. It is responsible for the safe operation and monitoring of the Swiss transmission grid. Swissgrid is also responsible for coordination and grid usage in the cross-border exchange of electricity with its European neighbors and is an active member of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).

Henri Simon, RTE
Engineer, Réseau de Transport d'Électricité (RTE), France
Dr. Georgios Papaefthymiou, Elia Grid International
Principal Consultant - Power System Development and Operations, Elia Grid International GmbH, Germany
Elise Ren, RTE
Head of European Market Integration, RTE, France
Antonio Useros Garcia, Red Eléctrica de España
Transmission Technification Engineer, Red Eléctrica de España, Spain
Victor Le Maire, Elia
Operations Project Manager (Grid Control Room), Elia, Belgium
Juan Ramon Guijarro, UFD, Naturgy Group
Grid Operations Manager, UFD, Naturgy Group, Spain
Andrej Souvent, Operato
CEO, Operato, a member of ELES Group, Slovenia
Tobias Wöhr, Swissgrid
Asset Portfolio Engineer, Swissgrid, Switzerland
Project Manager for Asset Performance Management, Swissgrid, Switzerland
Gabriela Molinar, TenneT TSO GmbH
Asset Specialist, Asset Management | Asset Technology Overhead Lines Germany, TenneT TSO, Germany
Iver Endresen, Heimdall Power
VP Market and Sales, Heimdall Power, Norway
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