Grid Resilience & Ancillary Services 2023

March 24th

With an ever-increasing reliance on electricity, maintaining grid infrastructures and ensuring they operate at an optimum level is the need of the hour. In addition, extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, are becoming more frequent and severe due to climate changes, which seriously threaten grid infrastructure.   

The emergence of new technologies and the increasing digitization of the grid have introduced new risks, such as cyber-attacks, which can cause widespread disruption and threaten public safety. In addition, the growing use of distributed energy resources and electric vehicles is placing additional demands on the grid, leading to grid instability and potential blackouts.  

Ensuring growing demands are met and outages are limited to the bare minimum calls for a collective approach to building a robust and dynamic strategy for enhancing grid resilience. Grid Resilience & Asset Management 2023 will address some of the most critical challenges in maintaining grid resilience, highlighting innovative ways to overcome them. With various engaging sessions presented by some of the industry’s leading experts, this conference will be a unique opportunity for leaders to learn, network, and contribute to our journey to a greener future.   

  • Asset management in smart grid with improved condition monitoring via sensors   
  • The role of RES aggregators in grid asset management   
  • Optimizing asset monitoring  
  • Reducing the risk of equipment failure  
  • Measuring asset condition to prevent future outages  
  • Cyber security challenges 
  • Automation and emerging technologies in enhancing grid resilience  

Our expert panel at Grid Resilience & Asset Management:

AUSTRIAN POWER GRID AG is the electricity grid operator in Austria responsible for the domestic transmission system at the high voltage level. APG monitors, coordinates, and controls cross-border electricity flows and framework. APG’s national transmission network consists of about 7,000 km of power lines that supply Austria with electricity.

E-REDES is the leading operator of the electricity distribution network in Portugal for high, medium, and low-voltage grids. Its infrastructure connects over 6 million Portuguese customers across 220,000 km of lines. E-Redes focuses on energy efficiency solutions and a smarter distribution network.

ELPEDISON is the leading company operating in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric energy and gas supply in Greece. Elpedison owns two power plants with a total installed capacity of 820 MW.

HELEN SAHKOVERKKO is one of the largest electricity distribution system operators in Finland. Helsinki residents only experience a half-hour power outage every ten years. Helen aims to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in their energy production. 

TRANSNETBW is an electricity transmission system operator in Germany that serves around 11 million people. To ensure a stable and reliable energy supply, the company controls and monitors the energy flows through the grid and performs all necessary maintenance, network planning, and development activities.

Ask Your Boss

We wish that everyone who is interested in attending the Grid Resilience and Asset Management 2023 conference will be able to do so. How to convince your boss to pay for the conference? To make things easier for you, we created some email templates that you can even copy and paste into your boss’s inbox.

Use one of our email templates below:

Ricardo Prata, e-redes
Senior Manager - Asset Management, E-Redes, Portugal
Vasileios Pantzalis, elepdison
Head of Forward Market & Long-Term Planning, Elpedison, Greece
Paul Gallagher, National Grid
Head of Asset Management Substations and Circuits National Grid, UK
Antti Harjula, FinGrid
Head of Power System Engineering Fingrid, Finland
Product Marketing Manager, Gridspertise, Italy
Silverio Casulli, Terna
Head of Grid Resilience and Security Planning, Terna, Italy
Jirapa Kamsamrong, Offis
Group Manager Smart Grid Testing, OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology, Germany
Mika Loukkalahti, Helen Electricity Network
Leading Expert, Business Development, Helen Electricity Network, Finland
Project Manager, TransnetBW, Germany

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