Grid Resilience & Asset Management

Today Utilities’ assets are essential for operations infrastructure. Ensuring the resiliency of the grid and operating the utility’s assets efficiently and safely is a top priority for the industry. Due to the ever-increasing demand and growth in popularity of such advances as electric vehicles, grid operators are harnessing a wide range of challenges they need to face.  

Our Grid Resilience & Asset Management Conference would be a unique opportunity to meet your peers and discuss what technologies are on the cutting edge of advancing grid resilience. As well, we will deliberate on asset management strategies to scale up grid reliability and resiliency, without compromising affordability for customers.

  • Asset Management in Smart Grid with improved condition monitoring via sensors 
  • Measuring and analyzing the asset condition to prevent future outages 
  • Reducing the risk of equipment failure 
  • The role of RES aggregators in grid asset management 
  • Long-term asset planning strategies
  • Energy System 2050 – towards a decarbonized Europe 

Our expert panel at Grid Resilience & Asset Management:

AUSTRIAN POWER GRID AG is the electricity grid operator in Austria responsible for the domestic transmission system at the high voltage level. APG monitors, coordinates, and controls cross-border electricity flows and framework. APG’s national transmission network consists of about 7,000 km of power lines that supply Austria with electricity.

MAVIR HUNGARIAN TRANSMISSION OPERATOR CO. operates as an independent electricity transmission system operator on high-voltage lines. Mavir controls and augments the transmission system’s assets and performs all renewal, maintenance, and development activities required for a reliable, efficient, and secure electricity supply.

E-REDES is the leading operator of the electricity distribution network in Portugal for high, medium, and low-voltage grids. Its infrastructure connects over 6 million Portuguese customers across 220,000 km of lines. E-Redes focuses on energy efficiency solutions and a smarter distribution network.

ELPEDISON is the leading company operating in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric energy and gas supply in Greece. Elpedison owns two power plants with a total installed capacity of 820 MW.

ARETI SPA is Italy’s leading electricity distribution service, with a 31,000 km network extension. With 1.6 million supply points, they distributed 9,172 GWh of electricity. areti spa, with its corporate strategy, promotes greater integration with the industrial dimension, paying attention to the SDG of the UN 2030 agenda.

ČEZ DISTRIBUCE is the largest utility and biggest public company in Central and Eastern Europe. The distribution system of CEZ Distribuce now has 17,652 connection points, 469 km of new lines, and 315 new distribution stations. Additionally, it upgraded its distribution infrastructure by adding 438 new renewable electricity-producing facilities.

HELEN SAHKOVERKKO is one of the largest electricity distribution system operators in Finland. Helsinki residents only experience a half-hour power outage every ten years. Helen aims to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in their energy production. 

TRANSNETBW is an electricity transmission system operator in Germany that serves around 11 million people. To ensure a stable and reliable energy supply, the company controls and monitors the energy flows through the grid and performs all necessary maintenance, network planning, and development activities.

Klemens Reich
Asset Management Overhead Lines and Cables, Austrian Power Grid AG, Austria
Tamas Takcas
Head of Facility & Asset Management, MAVIR Hungarian Transmission Operator Co., Hungary
Ricardo Prata, e-redes
Senior Manager - Asset Management, E-Redes, Portugal
Vasileios Pantzalis, elepdison
Head of Forward Market & Long-Term Planning, Elpedison, Greece
Ildiko Peter-Szabo, mavir
Silvio Alessandroni, Areti
Innovation Manager - Head of Digital Technologies for Electrical Grids, Areti Spa, Italy
Jan Kůla, CEZ
Business Development Expert, ČEZ Distribuce, Czechia
Mika Loukkalahti, Helen Electricity Network
Leading Expert, Business Development, Helen Electricity Network, Finland
Project Manager, TransnetBW, Germany

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  • Start Date
    December 7, 2022 13:00
  • End Date
    December 8, 2022 17:00
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