Hydrogen Fueling Stations & Infrastructure

As hydrogen fuel cell vehicles continue to increase in numbers, the infrastructure for fueling them must expand as well. This conference will bring together the hydrogen professionals and decision-makers in the energy sector to discuss the status of fueling stations, infrastructure, uncertainties, challenges, opportunities, policies, regulations, incentives, government support, etc. This event will act as a platform to share knowledge and best practices, strategies, opinions, increase collaboration to ensure the rapid scale-up of the delivery of the hydrogen and its infrastructure.

  • Hydrogen vision of 2025
  • Hydrogen fueling network and infrastructure
  • Regulations and policies
  • Safety, Codes & Standards
  • Cost reduction
  • Need for market creation
  • Heavy-duty transport
  • Investment and finance
Director, Southern Company, US
Frank Wouters, Reliance
Senior Vice President Energy Transition, Reliance Industries, UAE
Michael Walter, DVGW
Manager R&D Innovation Programme Hydrogen, DVGW, Germany
Elbert Huijzer, Alliander
Strategist Grids, Alliander, The Netherlands
Heiko Tit, Shell
Hydrogen Lead Mobility, Shell New Energies, The Netherlands
Associate Director H2 Strategy and Origination, EDP Renováveis, Portugal
Stefan van der Spek, Hyzon Motors
Manager, Hyzon Motors, The Netherlands
Nora Oberlaender, H2 Mobility
Strategic Projects Manager H2 Mobility, Germany
Tanja Neuland, Airbus
Hydrogen Techno IPT Leader, Airbus, Germany
Adrian Herberger, Airbus
Industrial Site Strategy, Airbus, Germany
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