Nuclear New Builds

Nuclear New Builds 2022 will gather decision-makers from the nuclear power sector- power generation companies, nuclear power plant owners, operators, OEM manufacturers and EPC contractors. Senior experts responsible for nuclear new build project planning, execution and strategies from the operations, power generation, regulations, R&D, technology & innovations, and asset management divisions of leading Nuclear Power sector companies will discuss the ongoing challenges and trends. Nuclear New Builds 2022 aims to explore the outlook of the nuclear new build projects worldwide and facilitate in-depth discussions on the technologies and strategies used.

  • EDF Nuclear New Build Activities: a complete Reactor Portfolio relying on a mix of proven technologies & innovative features
  • Challenges in Site Licensing & Adaptation of Generic Design to Site Specific Design
  • New Build for a Utility’s Perspective
  • New Nuclear in a Digital World
  • The Case for New Nuclear
  • Emerging Innovations Addressing Challenges in the Nuclear Industry
  • Nuclear Innovations for Sustainable Solutions to Overcome Energy Transition Challenges

In the pursuit of net-zero and sustainable development goals, more and more countries agree that nuclear energy must be part of the clean energy mix. Nuclear energy has various advantages: nuclear energy’s land footprint is small, it protects air quality, produces minimal waste, creates little or no greenhouse gases, doesn’t use a valuable resource – hydrocarbons, represents a more efficient and reliable source of energy, is cost-effective when a standardized reactor design is used, and new reactor designs (breeder reactors) make it a renewable source.

However, the nuclear energy industry faces a number of challenges that occur at a certain stage of nuclear new build project development and disturb its progress. These challenges are related to nuclear business market formation, safety and regulation norms, emerging technological innovations, project management and implementation, construction process and costs, supply chain and commissioning of a new plant.

Our expert panel at Nuclear New Builds:

EDF is Europe’s de facto leader in nuclear power generation. It owns 58 nuclear reactors (pressurized water reactors) across 19 power plants in France, 15 reactors in the UK at 8 power plants, and has a presence in China, USA, and Belgium.  

Vattenfall is one of the leaders in nuclear power in Europe with expertise in nuclear operations, waste management and decommissioning. Vattenfall’s nuclear fleet consists of ten reactors – seven reactors in Sweden and three in Germany, out of which five are operational.  

ROSATOM is the largest electricity generating company in Russia, producing close to 20% of the country’s electricity. ROSATOM also has the largest number of ongoing nuclear power plant construction projects around the world, with 36 power plant projects across 12 countries.  

Fennovoima was established in 2007 with the aim to improve Finland’s energy sufficiency through the production of reliable electricity for industry and households at a stable price. Once completed, the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant will provide 10% of Finland’s electricity needs.  

Electronuclear operates the Angra Nuclear Power Plant, Brazil’s only nuclear power plant. Electronuclear is part of Electrobras, the largest power company in Latin America- generating about 40% of Brazil’s electricity.  

Bruce Power is the only private sector nuclear power generator in Canada. Established in 2001, it produces close to 30% of Ontario’s power. It operates 8 nuclear reactors and has a capacity of 6400 MW.  

Energy Northwest owns and operates the Columbia Generating station that was commissioned in 1984 and produces 1107 MWs of electricity.  

Elektrik Uretim AS (EUAS), a state-owned power generation company is currently planning to build one of Turkey’s first nuclear power plants- the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant with an expected output of 4,400MW.  

Cohesive Solutions, A Bentley company offers solutions that enable Nuclear power producers and operators to manage and optimize their asset, work, and supply chain management programs by streamlining processes and implementing industry best practices, with the pull-through of world-class technology solutions. 

Desiree Comstedt, Vattenfall
Vice President SF Fleet Development, Vattenfall, Sweden
CEO, Electronuclear, Brazil
VP, Energy Services & Development, Energy Northwest, USA
Anne Falchi, EDF
Head of Strategy – EDF New Nuclear Development and Engineering, EDF, France
Joe Klecha, Cohesive
Chief Nuclear Officer / Nuclear Practice Lead, Cohesive, USA
Robin Manley, OGP
VP New Nuclear Development, Ontario Power Generation, Canada
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