Nuclear New Builds 2021

In the pursuit of net zero and sustainable development goals, more and more countries agree that nuclear energy must be part of the clean energy mix. Nuclear energy has various advantages: nuclear energy’s land footprint is small, it protects air quality, produces minimal waste, creates little or no greenhouse gases, doesn’t use a valuable resource – hydrocarbons, represents more efficient and reliable source of energy, is cost effective when a standardized reactor design is used, and new reactor designs (breeder reactors) make it a renewable source. However, nuclear energy industry faces number of challenges that occur on a certain stage of nuclear new build project development and disturb its progress. These challenges are related to nuclear business market formation, safety and regulation norms, emerging technological innovations, project management and implementation, construction process and costs, supply chain and commissioning of a new plant.

Nuclear New Builds virtual conference explores strategies, technologies, and outlook of the nuclear new build projects worldwide. By discussing and benchmarking challenges these projects face, we will demonstrate how these projects meet the major demands of the future energy industry and how they can be advanced further.

Nuclear New Builds will gather decision-makers from the nuclear industry, namely, from power generation companies, power plant owners and operators, and senior experts responsible for nuclear new build project planning, execution and strategies within operations, power generation, regulations, R&D, technology & innovations, and asset management divisions to discuss ongoing challenges, trends and build business relationships through productive networking and knowledge-sharing.

  • Nuclear Business Market in Europe: Overview, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Safety & Regulations for Successful New Build Projects
  • Emerging Innovations Addressing Challenges in the Nuclear Industry
  • Nuclear Innovations for Sustainable Solutions to Overcome Energy Transition Challenges
  • Factors Influencing Nuclear Project Management & Implementation
  • Construction Process: Optimization Pathways & Best Practices
  • Sustainable Nuclear Power: Role of Supply Chain in the Development of Nuclear Business
  • Effective Management of the Commissioning Process
CEO, Electronuclear, Brazil
Director, Next Generation Nuclear, Bruce Power, Canada
SVP Development, EDF, France
VP, Energy Services & Development, Energy Northwest, USA
Program Manager, EUAS International ICC, Turkey
Dep.COB, MD for Sustainable Development & Shareholder Relations, Rosatom, Russia

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Event Details
  • Days
  • Start Date
    November 15, 2021 13:00
  • End Date
    November 16, 2021 17:00
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