Offshore Grid Infrastructures & Interconnectors 2022

To integrate the expanding offshore power production, it is critical to have a stable offshore grid infrastructure. Infrastructure development is also essential to ensure supply security and cross-border energy trading.

This virtual conference is a unique event gathering senior professionals responsible for Offshore Grid Infrastructure, HVDC, Offshore Power Transmission and Cables within the European Energy Sector. It creates an excellent & interactive platform to share and brainstorm on common challenges, to exchange your ideas and to network with your peers.

  • The strategic issues and problems with Offshore Transmission Systems and Operators
  • Use of Grid Forming techniques to support onshore systems from offshore networks
  • Life extension of Offshore Transmission Assets and Offshore Windfarms
  • New control strategies to guarantee the reliable and efficient operation of the offshore system
  • Adopting HVDC control strategy from grid following to grid-forming converter

Our expert panel at Offshore Grid Infrastructure 2022:


A subsidiary of RTE, the largest electricity transmission system operator in Europe, RTE international offers players in the electrical system sector tailor-made solutions in the development, operation, and maintenance of networks. 

Covering all electricity transmission businesses. RTE international helps customers all over the world develop reliable, competitive electrical systems that meet the challenges of the energy transition. 

Since its creation in 2006, the experts of RTE international, with the expertise and skills developed over more than 70 years, have carried out more than 300 projects in more than 50 countries on all continents.  

Elia Grid International 

Elia Group promotes both the integration of the European energy market and the decarbonization of society by expanding international high-voltage connections and integrating ever-increasing amounts of renewable energy generation.  

As a leading innovator in the energy sector, Elia Group International is constantly improving their operational systems and reimagining their market products so that technologies and market parties can access their grid, thus making the energy transition happen. 

Elia, the Belgian TSO, initiated Belplex, the first market coupling between France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, which has paved the way for the integration of power markets in Central Western Europe. 


Litgrid is one of the key companies in the national electricity sector – the operator of the electricity transmission system, managing the flow of electricity across Lithuania. They maintain the stable operation of the national electricity network, ensuring the reliable, efficient, high-quality, transparent, and safe transmission of electricity.  

Established in 2010, Litgrid employs 300 professionals in electrical engineering, engineering infrastructure, project management and other disciplines. They are an active member of ENTSO-E, the network of European electricity transmission system operators. 

According to a study by Litgrid, the overall offshore wind potential in the territorial waters of Lithuania can be up to 3.5 GW. 


Elering is an electricity and gas transmission system operator with the task of connecting the producers, various network operators and consumers who make up the system into a unified whole. Elering’s electricity transmission network comprises approximately 5,500 kilometers of transmission lines and 150 substations. The Estonian electricity system is connected via cross-border lines to Finland, Latvia and Russia.  

In 2021, Elering unveiled Estonia and Latvia’s joint 1 GW offshore wind project, which will supply clean electricity to both countries and could lead to the development of a major Baltic Sea electricity network. 


RWE is the third largest renewable generator in the UK, with a diverse portfolio of onshore wind and offshore wind amounting to over 2.2 GW. Its biggest share of renewable generation is from offshore wind. RWE is ideally positioned in the UK, with a combination of flexible power assets in addition to wind and solar. RWE already generates around 12% of all the electricity generated in the UK, a figure that is expected to grow as their renewable’s portfolio expands. 

RWE’s projects in the UK include the offshore wind farm Triton Knoll (857 MW, RWE share 59%) and the Sofia offshore project (1.4 GW, RWE share 100%) which are both in construction and will expand RWE’s current UK portfolio of nine offshore wind farms. 

In addition, RWE has signed agreements to develop extension projects at four additional offshore wind farms. With a combined RWE pro rata share amounting to 1.3 GW, strengthening RWE’s position as one of the world’s leading players in offshore wind. In addition, RWE successfully bid for two new adjacent offshore sites with a potential total installed capacity of 3 GW. 


The National HVDC Centre is part of Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission, working together with Scottish Power Transmission, National Grid Electricity Transmission, and the Electricity System Operator. 

SSEN Transmission’s network consists of underground and subsea cables, overhead lines on wooden poles or steel towers, and electricity substations. It extends over a quarter of the UK’s land mass, crossing some of its most challenging terrain. 

Scotland’s transmission network has a strategic role to play in supporting delivery of the UK and Scotland’s Net Zero targets. They are already a mass exporter of renewable energy, with around two thirds of power generated in their network area exported to demand centers further south. 

By 2050, the north of Scotland is expected to need 40GW of low carbon energy capacity to support net zero delivery. For context, SSEN Transmission currently has around 7GW of renewable generation connected in the north of Scotland. 

Carlo Degli Esposti, Elia
Chief Officer for Strategy, Markets and Regulation, Elia Grid International, Belgium
Arturas Kuliesas, Litgrid
Synchronisation Programme Manager, Litgrid, Lithuania
Head of Interconnection, EirGrid, Ireland
Sébastien Dennetiere, RTE International
HVDC Expert, RTE International, France
Getlyn Allikivi, Elering
Offshore Grid Development Director, Elering, Estonia
HVDC Technology Manager, The National HVDC Centre, SSEN Transmission, UK
Oluwole Daniel Adeuyi, sse
Senior Electrical Engineer, SSER, UK

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