The Future of Biogas & Biomethane 2022

Biogas and biomethane are rapidly being recognized as significant players in the future energy mix by EU institutions and the Member States. In 2020, combined biogas and biomethane production was 191 TWh with this figure predicted to quadruple by 2030. By 2050, production can be at least fivefold reaching over 1,000 TWh, with some estimates going up to 1,700 TWh.

In this conference, the most prominent European energy industry leaders will gather to discuss the main trends, exchange their opinions and build business relationships through well-organized networking. We will welcome experts in biogas and biomethane production, gas DSOs and TSOs, upgrading technologies, and more with the aim to tackle and brainstorm on challenges they face and learn the best practices from peers.


The role of Biomethane in the future energy mix
• The Renewable gas target of 2030 for Europe
• Developments in Upgrading technologies
• Biomethane potential and cost in 2050
• Biogas production from industrial wastewaters
• Biomethane injection into natural gas networks: prospects and obstacles
• Biomethane scale-up potential
The role of biogas in the circular economy

Laurent Hamou, elengy
Head of European and Institutional Affairs, Elengy, France
Peter Kristensen, evida
Chief Strategy Officer, Evida, Denmark
Ole Hvelplund, nature energy
CEO, Nature Energy, Denmark
Iman Pishbin, Stedin
Gas network strategist, Stedin, The Netherlands
Marianne Langvik, biokraft
Manager Commercial & Sustainability, Biokraft AS, Norway
Helen Wyman, future biogas
Commercial Development Manager, Future Biogas, UK
John Cosmo Dwelle, landwarme
Head of Department Business Development, Sustainability and Verification, Landwärme GmbH, Germany
Harmen Dekker , eBa
CEO, EBA, Belgium
Daniel Purvis VTTI B.V.
Head of Investment RNG, VTTI B.V, The Netherlands
Florian Siebert, bmp greengas
Biomethane purchaser, bmp greengas GmbH, Germany
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