Underground Gas Storage & Hydrogen Integration

Underground storage of natural gas is key to ensuring an uninterrupted, year-round supply of gas in Europe. Underground gas and hydrogen storage have the potential to help shape an integrated energy system and provide a more secure supply chain. Europe’s underground storage capacity in form of salt caverns, aquifers, and depleted oil and gas fields offers immense potential for the future.

This conference will bring together the most prominent Decision-Makers from the European Gas sector to discuss the future of underground gas storage and the integration of hydrogen in the gas infrastructure in Europe.

  • Underground Hydrogen Storage – Current Developments & Opportunities
  • Demand for underground gas storage in tomorrow’s energy-mix
  • Underground storage of Hydrogen in salt caverns
  • Strategical assessment of underground energy storage potential
  • Role of underground storage in European hydrogen backbone
  • Economics of Underground Gas Storage
  • EU need for flexibility and storage by 2030-2050
  • The Role of Underground Gas Storage in developing a Hydrogen Market in Germany
  • Market integration of Underground Hydrogen Storage
  • The future of energy storage in a world in transition: from CH4 to H2 and CO2
  • Natural gas storage: How to manage the transition to 2045?

Our expert panel at Underground Gas Storage & Hydrogen Integration:

Uniper Energy Storage is one of Europe‘s largest gas storage operators, that makes energy available flexibly whenever it is needed. Uniper offers access to 9 underground gas storage facilities in Germany, Austria and the UK with a total capacity of 83 TWh, connected to five market areas. In addition to that, the company operates 2 power-to-gas plants to produce hydrogen from green electricity.

Snam is the largest operator of natural gas storage sites in Italy and the biggest in Europe with capacity for 17 billion cubic meters. The role of such facilities, which are made from depleted hydrocarbon fields, aquifers, or salt caverns, has been in the spotlight this year.

EWE Gasspeicher is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EWE AG that, as energy suppliers, has more than 40 years of experience in the field of natural gas storage. The storage capacity is divided among the natural gas cavern storages EWE operated in salt formations in Jemgum, Nüttermoor and Huntorf in the northwest of Germany, and in Rüdersdorf near Berlin.

Ukrtransgaz provides operation of Ukrainian UGS facilities as well as upgrades and constructs gas pipelines and their objects. Ukrtransgaz JSC is a state-owned company, a part of Naftogaz Group.

The company owns 12 underground storages, located all over Ukraine. Its active volume is 31 bcm which is proportionate to UGS facilities of Italy, France, Hungary and Austria put together. Such capacity gives Ukraine significant opportunities to attract gas storage clients, including European ones.

GIE is a legally independent and non-profit association, that is representing 68 member companies from 27 countries, gathering operators of gas infrastructures across Europe: transmission pipelines, storage facilities and LNG terminals.

They work and innovate with infrastructures for renewable and low-carbon gases, including hydrogen and biofuels. Together, they take action today to enhance decarbonisation in a sustainable and inclusive way with the existing gas infrastructure and its operators’ innovations.

E-Control is the government regulator for electricity and natural gas markets in Austria. E-Control’s main duty as the independent regulatory authority is to “oversee and to control the Austrian gas and electricity market in the best interest of the consumer”.

Storengy Deutschland GmbH is one of the largest natural gas storage companies in Germany. It is a subsidiary of Storengy SAS, which bundles the ENGIE group’s global gas storage activities. Storengy is the market leader for storage services in Europe. Its core business includes the planning, construction and operation of storage facilities and the marketing of gas storage capacities.

SaltPower is the World’s first commercial energy production technology based on osmosis. The company presents an alternative to fossil fuels; one that is viable and sustainable at the same time, and which does not emit greenhouse gases. An energy source that is independent on whether the sun is shining, or the wind is blowing.

Read more about Europe’s Underground Gas Storage Sites here

Carola Millgramm, E-Control
Head of Gas Department, E-Control, Austria
Catherine Gras, storengy
CEO Storengy UK & Germany, Storengy Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Jesper Culmsee, SaltPower
Sales and Business Development Director, SaltPower, Denmark
torben brabo, gie, energinet
SVP, Energinet Gas TSO & President, Gas Infrastructure Europe, Denmark
Ivan Guerra, Snam
UGS Solution Manager - Senior Geologist, Snam, Italy
Michael Schmöltzer, Uniper
Head of Gas Storage Austria, Uniper Energy Storage, Austria
Dr Geert Tjarks, EWE
Business Unit Hydrogen, EWE GASSPEICHER, Germany
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