Bringing together hydrogen professionals and decision-makers in the Energy Sector to discuss the challenges and solutions of hydrogen distribution, long-distance transportation, the European Hydrogen Backbone project, the support of infrastructure, and networks development.
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Bringing together the most prominent European energy industry leaders to discuss the main challenges of European coal phase-out, exchange their opinions and build business relationships through well-organized peer-to-peer networking.
Predictive Maintenance (PdM) in Power Generation
Bringing PdM related challenges to a discussion, we will demonstrate how a well-established PdM affects overall power generation and ROI in terms of effective asset management, reduced downtime, and better outage control.
Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management for Oil & Gas Industry
Best Practices for Pipeline Integrity Management for Reducing Long Term Cost, Driving Productivity & Pipeline Maintenance and Rehabilitation.
Onshore Wind Asset Optimization & Performance Management
Achieving operational excellence and efficiency through effective asset management, O&M innovation, and supply chain optimization.
2nd Operational Excellence & Organizational Agility Improvement for Energy Sector 2019
A small-scale business meeting, a peer-to-peer networking-focused conference gathering Operational Excellence and Agile leaders and decision-makers from Oil & Gas and Power & Utility companies. It aims to provide excellent & interactive platform to help industry professionals enhance an agile mind-set to continuously improve company’s culture and strategy.