Bringing together Cyber & SCADA Security professionals and decision-makers in the Power and Utilities sector to discuss the challenges and solutions of implementing security strategy, minimizing risks and vulnerabilities.
Bringing together data hub experts and decision-makers in the Energy Sector to discuss the challenges and solutions of Data Hub in Power & Utilities with data transformation and utilisation, cybersecurity, electricity retail market analysis and new technologies development.
Cyber Security for Transport Sector
Annual Gathering of cyber security experts and decision-makers from the Transportation Industry since 2016. Case studies, real life experiences and insights from cyber security experts and practitioners.
Gathering IT/OT security professionals specifically from Power & Utilities companies. In today’s environment of digitization and integrated technologies, the utilities industry continues to face increased cyber security threats.
4th Cyber Security for Transport Sector 2019
September 26, 2019
4th Cyber Security for Transport Sector 2019 will gather Transport decision-makers & experts to brainstorm on latest cyber security breaches, challenges and updates for highly complex connected transportation sector.
Cyber Security
6th Cyber & SCADA Industry Security 2019 will gather IT, Information & Cyber security, ICT, SCADA & OT security senior decision-makers & professionals from leading Power & Utility companies to gain new insights, exchange valuable knowledge, stay up-to-date and learn from practical examples and peer-to-peer networking in a business- friendly exclusive environment.