2nd HVDC & Offshore Power Transmission 2022
HVDC & Offshore Power Transmission 2022 brings together experts and decision-makers from Europe working with offshore HVDC projects. This conference will gather C-level experts from power transmission departments of leading Power Generation and TSOs to discuss the latest developments, challenges, opportunities and technologies of HVDC to support the expansion of offshore power transmission.
Subsea Power Transmission & Cabling 2021
Bringing together decision-makers responsible for subsea power cables and offshore power transmission to discuss challenges and opportunities of the strategic role of submarine power cable infrastructure, subsea power transmission and infrastructure development.
Welcoming experts from the renewable energy sector dealing with onshore wind asset management and operations excellence to tackle and brainstorm on these issues and learn from peers’ best O&M strategies in a quality business-friendly, face-to-face networking environment.
Onshore Wind Asset Optimization & Performance Management
Achieving operational excellence and efficiency through effective asset management, O&M innovation, and supply chain optimization.
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