Evonik Joins GET H2 Coalition, Aims to Build Green Hydrogen Corridor Across Europe

The coalition has proposed a multinational project to convert existing gas pipelines into hydrogen-ready pipelines

Evonik, Germany’s second-largest chemicals manufacturer has joined the GET H2, a global initiative that is working towards making hydrogen an integral part of industries. Typically, GET H2 focuses on sectors that are difficult to decarbonise such as refineries, steel, cement and other industrial factories. If successful, their initiatives could reduce carbon emissions to the tune of 16 million tonnes by the end of this decade.

In addition to Evonik, other partners of GET H2 are: OGE, Nowega and Thyssengas (German gas suppliers) global electricity firm RWE, German steel subsidiary Salzgitter Flachstahl and BP. GET H2’s most recent initiative seeks to create infrastructure for green hydrogen across Europe. From 2024, members will collaborate to transform gas pipelines into hydrogen-ready pipelines. By the end of this decade, the coalition is confident of creating a hydrogen corridor between Lingen in Emsland, Germany, Gelsenkirchen and Salzgitter near the Dutch border.

The partners have approached Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for funding under the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) programme. Before the plan can be implemented, the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) will need to be modified to allow gas and hydrogen networks to be regulated by a uniform network fee. The coalition believes that this regulation will ensure hydrogen infrastructure is utilised fairly and uniformly.

In a statement to the media, Evonik said: “This initiative could lay out the building blocks of a green hydrogen value chain and form the basis for cross border European infrastructure via the Dutch border. By integrating RWE-owned cavern storage in Gronau-Epe, Germany, the alliance could provide supply security to the system based on electricity generation from wind energy.”

The project has evoked interest among companies in the transport and distribution sector as well. A few transport and distribution companies have signalled their willingness to contribute to the expansion of the project by providing their expertise to transporting and distributing green hydrogen in the area. Other partners of the GET H2 coalition have also submitted separate projects for funding to the IPCEI, which are aimed at creating an infrastructure for green hydrogen across Europe.

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