Green Hydrogen corridor planned between Netherlands and Chile

Green Hydrogen corridor planned between Netherlands and Chile

Representatives from Dutch companies including Port of Rotterdam, Port of Amsterdam, consultants, and storage and transportation providers, are heading to Chile to explore the opportunity to develop a green hydrogen export corridor.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in cooperation with the Chilean Ministry of Energy and ProChile will organize this Green Life H2 Trade Mission to Chile.

The primary focus of this mission will be the infrastructure needed to ensure a reliable and hydrogen-powered supply chain (production, storage, transportation and distribution). Developing a roadmap for establishing an import-export corridor between Chile and Europe will help make all of this possible.

This also includes the social and economic impact and how it can be a part of a concrete local energy transition.

Some topics that will be discussed are certification, regulations, environmental impact, trade, technologies and human capital development.

The territorial aspects will also be examined. Visits are planned to the main hydrogen hubs in the country and there will be encounters with companies and local authorities to discuss opportunities and challenges for large-scale green hydrogen production, export, and local energy transitions.

Interest in this hydrogen mission is high, as the Chilean strategy is to become one of the largest producers of renewable energy in the world by 2030.

European countries want to meet the growing demand for hydrogen amid global energy security issues. In May, European Commission, Hydrogen Europe, and relevant companies signed a joint declaration to introduce a strategy to double the previous EU renewable hydrogen target.

The Netherlands has become the first European country to issue “green” Guarantees of Origin for hydrogen, following a pilot test conducted by the hydrogen exchange initiative HyXchange. The system was evaluated in cooperation with Vertogas, the certifying body for biogas, and now also for green hydrogen.

The Netherlands has passed a new law related to hydrogen which is an automobile fuel, and Vertogas has been designated by the Minister to provide certificates for it. Vertogas has also recently created a certification system that pertains to this task. The Guarantees of Origin certify that hydrogen fuel comes from green energy.

Currently, the system is only valid for those within the Netherlands. The Netherlands are the first country to implement this system and make it available. A more international system of hydrogen certificates, which is still under discussion in Europe, is expected later.

Source: Offshore Energy

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