Grupo Zoilo Rios Signs MoU with Fusion Fuel to Operate Spain’s First Hydrogen Fuelling Station

This MoU will mark the first time a Spanish petrol station operator will have the facility to refuel a hydrogen-powered vehicle

Green hydrogen manufacturer Fusion Fuel has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Grupo Zoilo Rios, a petrol station operator based in Spain to develop the country’s first hydrogen refuelling station. This is the first time that a petrol station operator has signed an agreement to purchase hydrogen in Spain.

According to the agreement, Fusion Fuel will use its proprietary HEVO-SOLAR technology to supply green hydrogen at the El Cisne petrol station at Zaragoza. The location is ideal since it is right next to the A2 Highway. This highway is one of Spain’s main trunk roads which connects Madrid with Barcelona, two major cities.

Grupo Zoilo Rios’ filling station at El Cisne, Zaragoza where Fusion Fuel will run a hydrogen refuelling point

Grupo Zoilo Rios’ filling station at El Cisne, Zaragoza where Fusion Fuel will run a hydrogen refuelling point, Credit: Grupo Zoilo Rios website

Fusion Fuel produces green hydrogen by powering its electrolyser with solar energy. The technology is designed using a modular approach which enables it to be set up according to the environment and needs of a variety of clients. HEVO-SOLAR’s flexibility also makes it suitable for the expansion of Spain’s fuel-cell market in the coming years.

Grupo Zoilo Rios is an influential player in the Spanish energy market. It is a member of the Confederation of European Environmental Engineering (CEES). The company has also led the transition to sustainable transportation in the country. This MoU is expected to not only boost transition rates but also highlight the importance of hydrogen in building a more eco-resilient future.

Joao Wahnon, Head of Business Development at Fusion Fuel, said: “Thanks to the excellent solar resource in Spain, our HEVO-SOLAR solution will be able to produce green hydrogen extremely competitively, making it a great market for our technology.”

Zoilo Rios, President of Grupo Zoilo Rios, said: “Our goal is to develop low-cost green hydrogen production to create long-term stable demand from new consumers in Spain. Our partnership with Fusion Fuel further reinforces this commitment and we hope it will encourage logistics companies in the Plataforma Logistica de Zaragoza (PLAZA) as well as public transport operators to commit to decarbonization by switching to new clean energies such as green hydrogen.”

It is hoped that with the success of initiatives put into action by companies like Fusion Fuel and Grupo Zoilo Rios, more companies join the fray to switch over to sustainable sources of energy.

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