INOVYN to Power Its Norwegian Operations with Green Hydrogen

The UK-based chemicals company is building a 20MW electrolyser in Rafnes, Norway which will also supply hydrogen for the country’s transport sector

INOVYN, a chemicals company based in the UK has announced its plans to build a 20MW electrolyser at Rafnes in Norway, where it has a multibusiness site housing plants and an O&P cracker. The electrolyser will be powered by zero-carbon electricity and is expected to reduce an estimated 22,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. The electrolyser’s location at Rafnes will help to reduce the carbon footprint generated by INEOS, the parent company of INOVYN as well as serve as a hydrogen hub for Norway’s transport sector.

INOVYN’s site at Rafnes, Norway

INOVYN’s site at Rafnes, Norway, Credit: INOVYN website

The electrolyser fits squarely with proposed plans to establish a network of refuelling stations in Norway to service buses, trucks, private vehicles and taxis with green hydrogen. INOVYN has aimed to produce enough hydrogen to refuel up to 400 buses or 1,600 taxis in a day. Rafnes is particularly significant for INOVYN’s hydrogen project since the Norwegian government has stated its commitment to developing the industrial hub into a climate-positive region by 2040. INOVYN has applied for funding of the project to various organisations and funding agencies.

Geir Tuft, CEO of INOVYN, said: “The EU and National Governments have clear targets towards the widespread utilisation of hydrogen across Europe by 2030.  With INOVYN’s experience in electrolysis technology and our growing portfolio of hydrogen projects, using clean hydrogen to accelerate decarbonisation of energy will drive progress towards a carbon-free future.”

INOVYN’s parent company, INEOS is the third-largest manufacturer of industrial chemicals in the world. Based in the UK, the company is involved in several projects aimed at producing clean hydrogen. These projects, scattered around Europe aim to replace carbon-based sources of energy, feedstocks and fuel for a wide variety of industrial and commercial purposes with sustainable alternatives. In the near future, INEOS will build partnerships with leading organisations involved in the development of cutting edge technology and solutions. It has also committed to working closely with European governments to strengthen the hydrogen economy in the next few years.

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