Digitalization of Safety and Health Management in the Energy Sectory and Health Management in the Energy Sector
Bringing together energy Safety, Health and Tech experts and decision-makers in the Energy Sector to understand the latest technological and management innovations in fomenting safety culture in operations.
Development of Europe’s LNG Import Terminals
Bringing together the key stakeholders in Europe’s LNG Import terminals landscape to discuss the impact of the impending crisis on the development of LNG terminals, future projects, technologies, and alternatives to ensure energy welfare regardless of the political or economic situation.
4th EPC Project & Contract Management for Energy Sector
Stay up-to-date with EPC Contracting & Project Management leading practices in current volatile market and fast-evolving digital environment.
Impact of COVID-19 on Energy Market & Price
The virtual conference is bringing leading Energy companies to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting the energy markets during these volatile times.
Artificial Intelligence in Energy Sector
Data-science and driving business decisions, building scalable infrastructure, and optimizing intelligent systems in the Power & Utilities industry: the strategic approach.
Energy Storage and Battery Solutions during the 2020 crisis
Bringing together experts and decision-makers in gird-scale energy storage and battery technologies to explore opportunities for energy storage players and innovate for a customer-driven sustainable future.
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