Mitigating Global Warming from Prague Today

Mitigating and adapting to climate change are key challenges of the 21st century. At the heart of these challenges is the question of energy – more precisely our overall energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels. To succeed in limiting global warming the world urgently needs to use energy efficiently while embracing clean energy sources to make things move, heat up, and cool down. Just imagine having a job in Prague which impacts the energy transition.

COVID-19 posed challenges to find a meaningful job

If you have been looking for a job in Prague recently you must have noticed the difference in the employment market before and after the pandemic. The pandemic has hit hard the hospitality and tourism industry in this tourist destination. Many people lost their jobs due to lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Yes, the unemployment rate grew slightly to 3.8% in Q3 2020 in Czechia (lowest in EU and OECD). But it is expected to grow to 5% in Q4 2020. The number of unemployed people will continue increasing in 2021 due to the reduction or end of certain state financial support measures and cost-cutting measures by the businesses.

This is uncharted territory and shocking circumstances for the generation of people grown up in an unprecedented low unemployment rate environment in the past decade. A real challenge for those who never experienced such a shift.

In the rush to make ends meet people search for any job without much thinking about long-term perspectives in their professional lives. The economic recovery will happen eventually when public health matter gets solved in whatever letter shape (V, U, W, K, etc). When the employment market gets balanced what happens with those who accept the job offers in rush today? Will they leave when the economy bounces back to look for their genuine calling?

Because desperate job seekers are occupying limited vacancies, you are taken away an opportunity to get hired for the exact type of job that makes you tick. Thus, landing a job that relates to your passion is difficult due to the saturated employment market in Prague today.

Growing concern about climate change

The trend towards greater concern about the effects of climate change has been growing over generations. Younger generations who see themselves living in a changing climate seem to care more than older generations. In the US, 73% of Millennials (born between 1981 – 1996) take global warming personally important comparing to 58% in the Silent generation (born between 1928 – 1945). Climate change concern has become mainstream.

The 2017 studies show that 4 in 5 Europeans feel that environmental issues have an impact on their daily life and health. While 41% of Europeans think that applying stricter pollution controls on industrial and energy production is the most effective way to tackle air pollution.

Greta Thunberg’s activism gained traction because she hits the nail by shedding light on problems that bother a lot of people.

As you live in Prague (center of Europe), chances that you sincerely care about climate change because you and your children will live in the future habitat shaped today.

Helping decision-makers to benchmark best practices

We, Prospero Events Group, help decision-makers in the European energy industry benchmark best practices by organizing peer-to-peer conferences. At the core of our business lies our passion: mitigate and adapt to global warming by driving a clean energy agenda in Europe. This passion is beyond money and professional progress because we want to make this planet a better place for ourselves and our children. We care about the future because we want to live there.

Today, the EU is the global driving force behind clean energy and tackling climate change. That’s why establishing a dialog between decision-makers who run the biggest energy companies in Europe can make real progress in tackling global warming.

Core values & culture

We run our business based on the 3 core values:

·      We prioritize customer satisfaction.

·      Working hard, with thinking, focus, and desire are the keys to getting us ahead.

·      We respect and follow established processes. (There is a process of changing a process too – we are open for a reasonable change).

We hire and fire people based on these values. And we are ready to take a financial hit to stay true to these values.

This is not another blah-blah-blah statement that you see on corporate websites. We observed ourselves for 7 years to discover these 3 principles that move our best people. We hire and fire people based on these values. And we are ready to take a financial hit to stay true to these values.

We are also a multicultural company. Because we need a global perspective to impact a global warming challenge.

The teams are diverse by nationality, age, gender, and education. We look at diversity as a source of innovation.

You should NOT apply for a job at our company if:

·      You don’t care about the environment and climate change.

·      You care more about money than customer satisfaction.

·      You don’t like working hard and going the extra mile.

·      You don’t like following rules and hate culture where discipline is important.

·      You don’t want to be surrounded by colleagues from various countries like India, Russia, Georgia, Poland, Czechia, Romania, Tunisia, Croatia, China, etc.

It’s not the company culture that fits everyone. If you don’t fit the above list, then quit reading further now to stop wasting your time!

Intellectual creativity

We ideate, produce, market, sell, and run more than 50 exclusive conferences annually with titles that matter the most for the European energy industry. This business requires curiosity and great researching skills especially in content creation in the Production function.

Producers are expected to research the topic, shape the conference agenda, and build relations with speakers.

Anastasia Gayvoronskaya is from Russia and a member of the Production team. She joined our company in 2018 after getting a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Skoda Auto University in Mlada Boleslav, Czechia.

After initially being hired to the Sales function, she then found a better use of her skills in the Production function as a Conference Producer. She got promoted to a Senior Producer position thanks to her performance and proactivity in 2019. The main reasons she likes working at Prospero Events Group:

1.      Creative work in shaping conference agendas.

2.      Good colleagues.

3.      Meeting the best professionals in the Energy industry.

4.      Helping and training her teammates to structure and design conference agendas.

One of the projects she has been working on is ‘’Human Resources Management in the Energy Sector’’. As a part of the project milestone, she studied McKinsey’s research about women in the workplace. She was fascinated about this subject, so she decided to add a section in her conference agenda on ‘’Diversity & inclusion: what about equality in the energy sector?’’

After speaking with her supervisor Jan Cizek, Head of Production, they both agreed on spotlighting women’s role in the energy sector because it was a hot issue.

Anastasia enjoys creativity, agility, and freedom in applying the knowledge she gains to develop the products that meet the desires of our customers.

Anastasia and Jan are making the world a better place every day. Just imagine working with them and other awesome teammates to create high-level conferences through research and brainstorming!

If you are the right fit…

Now we have a Conference Producer vacancy as a part of our further growth ambitions in 2021.

We continuously work on creating the most productive and happiness-inducing work set-up. Among other benefits, the role includes features like MultiSport (to access gyms in Prague) and remote work.

Yet the greatest benefit is the honor of impacting the most important struggle of humanity in the 21st century – global warming.

If you feel that you are the right fit, then you can check the detailed job description and apply on our careers page. Also follow us on key social media platforms like LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.


And don’t worry if you don’t have relevant experience. We’ve got you covered with world-class training & coaching system. We have a generous culture shaped by nurturing many top talents in the events management industry since 2007.

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