Nissan, Enel Energia and Enel X Offer E-Vehicle Owners Free e-Mobility up to 10k Kilometres

Owners of Nissan’s fully-electric LEAF can charge their cars for free in 12,000 Enel X charging points in Italy until scheme expires

Nissan and Italy’s Enel Energia introduced a new initiative that allows owners of its electric car, LEAF, to charge their vehicle at Enel X charging points free of cost until they reach 10,000 km. Called the ‘E-EASY ELECTRIC’ initiative, the scheme gives new LEAF owners a charging voucher for up to 2,800 km which is valid for 2 years. Upon expiry, it can be topped up with a second voucher for up to 7,200 km of free e-mobility. The scheme will be operated via Enel X’s JuicePass app and will be available across 12,000 charging points spread across Italy.

Marco Toro, CEO of Nissan Italy, said: “Today’s launch of this integrated initiative marks yet another step towards greater environmental sustainability, confirming our pledge to introduce more and more of our customers to e-mobility with a series of benefits that unite the Nissan LEAF, charging and energy in one neat package.”

Nissan’s move to offer test drives of up to 48 hours, allowing potential customers to experience electric driving in a variety of real-life scenarios and evaluate the viability of public and private charging is another example of meeting customers half-way. Customers on the E-EASY ELECTRIC scheme will also be eligible for discounted rates on Enel X’s new domestic charging infrastructure: JuiceBox.

Enel Energia has expressed confidence that the initiative will enable better access to e-mobility to electric vehicle owners. One of the biggest hurdles affecting the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles has been the sector’s inability to address concerns regarding e-mobility. Nissan and Enel Energia’s collaboration marks an important commitment to instill consumer confidence and pave the way for other energy companies and electric vehicle manufacturers to follow.

Reflecting similar sentiments, Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X in Italy, said: “We are very pleased with this collaboration with Enel Energia and Nissan, which has led to the creation of E-EASY ELECTRIC, an innovative initiative that combines e-mobility and energy supply solutions. We are working closely with leading businesses in Italy to provide e-vehicle owners with easy and accessible charging services accessed through the JuicePass app, and today’s agreement is a clear example of our commitment to this endeavor.”

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