Why become a Delegate?

We promise the longest average minutes (at least 4 minutes per participant within two days of a virtual event) of direct peer-to-peer networking with the most senior, relevant, committed, innovative and open-minded end-user experts in Europe about specific energy industry-related topics. 

For all enquiries regarding attending conferences, please e-mailinfo@prosperoevents.com 

Why become a Sponsor?

Our conferences are ideal platforms to acquire new customers and strengthen relations with existing ones. Sponsoring provides direct access to the decision-makers and qualified buyers in your target market. We can help you model the type of your sponsorship attendance to maximize the measurable return on your advertising, business development, promotion and marketing investments. 

For all enquiries regarding sponsoring conferences, please e-mailsponsorship@prosperoevents.com 

Why become a Media Partner?

Media partnership is the ideal platform for industryspecific magazines, TV, associations, newspapers and other media companies for direct access and networking opportunities with industry newsmakers. As a media partner, you can have a chance to access delegates through on-site branding and networking, which can develop into a critical driver for your thriving membership and subscriber acquisition campaigns. 

For all enquiries regarding media partnership at the conferences, please e-mail  media@prosperoevents.com 

Why become a Speaker?

If you are highly experienced in specific topics or on the rise of the innovation that is reshaping your industry, then we would like to provide you with the platform to present your ideas and information in front of qualified industry leaders within an interactive environment. 

We increase your visibility by strengthening your legacy and reputation as a thought leader in the energy industry’s niche topics.  

We encourage our speakers to share their success stories and their failed ventures, and how they got back on the path to success by learning from their mistakes. 

For all enquiries regarding speaking at the conferences, please e-mail  production@prosperoevents.com 

How do I join the Team?

Our team of highly motivated individuals is ready for the challenge of training and assisting recruits, as each one of us has already established him/herself as an independent business professional. We are excited to discover the unique skills and perspectives you can bring to the Prospero Events Group. 

By providing a challenging and progressive working environment, we aim to become the best in class. 

For all enquiries regarding careers, please e-mail  careers@prosperoevents.com