Oracle Provides Advanced Distribution Management System for FirstEnergy

Oracle Provides Advanced Distribution Management System for FirstEnergy

The platform helps utilities respond to power outages more efficiently without any complications from extreme weather.

FirstEnergy, which offers electric service to six states, including Ohio, uses Oracle Utilities Network Management System to manage the response to power outages. The browser-based NMS Flex Operations system helps the company have instant control over ten different utilities and the ability to direct restoration efforts from anywhere.

Oracle Utilities Network Management System (NMS) enables utilities to monitor, manage, and optimize their distribution systems from the power plant to the customer. The data-centric platform with integrated applications provides access to outage management (OMS), distribution management (DMS), and distributed energy resource management (DERMS). It also offers Oracle Utilities NMS Flex Operations (FlexOps) for enhanced outage management and dispatch capabilities.

Power Disruptions due to extreme weather

As the unpredictability of extreme weather events has escalated and distributed energy resources (DERs) have emerged, FirstEnergy knew that it needed to replace its existing outage management system with a modern grid management platform. That way, their solution could grow as their business did, keeping up with customer needs and regulatory demands. Moving to Oracle Utilities NMS meant less time spent on outage management and more time on other initiatives. It also means that when faults happen, the system is ready for them—automatically surging power sources and switching to the appropriate generator output, for example. In addition, FirstEnergy has more than 200 circuits running DMS advanced apps with unified DER awareness.

Oracle’s Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration (FLISR) Application for Utilities enables faster emergency response for field crews by providing emergency call support. The solution can scale across millions of customers and support the integration of distributed energy resources, such as rooftop solar. Reduces outage duration and increases service reliability with automated self-healing support. Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect (LEC) will provide a unified connection point for the protocol used across the utility market.

Oracle NMS has been helping utilities for decades to manage the impact of natural disasters. With Oracle NMS, FirstEnergy will have access to accurate, timely, and reliable information critical to meeting modern grid operations challenges. This means that they’ll be able to perform better and provide more excellent service to their customers – all while keeping them engaged and informed.

To know more about Measuring and analyzing the asset condition to prevent future outages, check this: Grid Resilience & Asset Management – Prospero Events Group.

Source: Oracle

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