Ørsted and HOFOR Agree to Power ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ Project with Offshore Wind

Part of the ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ project will be powered by HOFOR’s Aflandshage 250MW offshore wind farm

Ørsted’s 90MW offshore wind farm on Burbo Bank, UK, Credit: Ørsted website

Ørsted’s 90MW offshore wind farm on Burbo Bank, UK, Credit: Ørsted website

Ørsted and HOFOR, a utilities company based in Copenhagen have announced a collaboration to power part of the ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ project with electricity from offshore wind plants. ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ is the country’s flagship project to encourage the growth of the renewable power industry. It aims to produce up to 1.3GW of energy using sustainable sources.

Ørsted will offtake electricity produced from HOFOR’s Aflandshage 250 MW offshore wind farm in the Oresund Strait. As part of the agreement, HOFOR is planning to situate the substation of its offshore wind farm within the site of Ørsted’s Avedøre Power Station. As with all major projects, the design and future cooperation between HOFOR’s offshore wind farm to Ørsted’s power-to-x farm will be contingent on regulatory processes and grid connection approval.

If Denmark establishes a strong framework to develop sustainable fuels, HOFOR has indicated that its Aflandshage offshore wind farm could power the second phase of the ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ project, which is expected to generate up to 250GW energy.

Currently, HOFOR’s Aflandshage offshore wind farm is under construction. HOFOR has stated that subject to approvals and other conditions being met, the plant should begin producing electricity by 2024-2025. From Aflandshage wind farm, power could be transferred to Avedøre Power Station on land. It is also where Denmark has proposed to locate its ‘Green Fuels’ project.

Anders Nordstrøm, head of Ørsted’s hydrogen activities, said: “Green Fuels for Denmark is a large-scale flagship project ideally suited to realising Denmark’s great potential as a producer of sustainable fuels for heavy transport. The agreement with HOFOR underlines the partnership’s firm belief that Green Fuels for Denmark can contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and create a new industrial stronghold for Denmark.”

‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ is not the only renewable project that HOFOR has agreed to support. The company has been in talks with DFDS, a Danish international shipping and logistics company to power their electrolysis plant with energy from its Aflandshage offshore wind farm. This electrolysis plant is currently being designed in order to supply hydrogen for DFDS’ hydrogen-powered ferry connecting Copenhagen with Oslo.

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