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We help decision makers in European energy industry to benchmark best practices by organizing peer-to-peer conferences.


Four reasons why industry professionals attend Prospero Conferences


We aim for your Return On Investment and we guarantee the quality of our services through unique combination of four features:

  • Thoroughly researched programme and high profile speakers. Our topics focus only on those issues that matter most to the market right now. The speaker panel is carefully selected based on recommendations from industry leaders. 
  • Your knowledge matters most. We make sure that the majority of speakers and delegates represent topic related practitioners. We limit the number of companies who attend the meeting purely for business development or sales opportunity. As a result, the aim of the conference is to genuinely exchange experience and knowledge rather than promote the services and products of solution providers. From the total number of conference participants we allocate a quota of no more than 20% to solution providers.
  • Small scale events. We aim to keep the size of our events to no more than 50 people to make sure that delegates have sufficient time and space to effectively network and exchange information within the two day time frame of the event.
  • Networking focus. We believe that the most valuable information is exchanged during personal conversations and face-to-face meetings. We can assist delegates in holding up to two face-to-face meetings with any other delegate or speaker at the conference. During the conference, clients obtain the opportunity to network in a small exclusive environment during coffee breaks and luncheons.